Jayke Spinners
Since 2010

What to tell you about myself…

Love the outdoords.
I’m the oldest of 3 boys (no sisters).
I love to play poker if you don't find me at my desk !
Some of the work I co-wrote on men's issues:http://www.waystoincreasepenissize.com/
These articles deal with a common male problem (mens penis size issue).Sundays and Monday nights belong to NFL football during the way-too-short 17 weeks. That said, don’t call me, come over or email me during these nites (unless you’re reaching out to talk about the game). My entire back is tattooed with a vintage patriots logo. My car, a 2001 Ford Mustang, is custom painted New England Patriots style! My bank account checks, business cards are also decked-out with patriots themes. Yeah, I’ll admit it—I’m obsessed with football. I also enjoy sports betting online. I´m far from a pro-gambler, but do enjoy an occasional pro or college football sport bet.