Jason Van Anden
Since 2004
Works in Brooklyn, New York United States of America

Jason Van Anden is a new media activist, artist, inventor and robot maker. His creations are exhibited internationally, receiving recognition in the art, science, technology and gaming communities. More about Jason and his work can be found at his website www.smileproject.com.
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Beyond "Upper" Art

> Geert Dekkers wrote:
> This is interesting, but I don't think it's exactly true. Within the
> "upper class" some individuals like art, contemporary art, radical
> contemporary art (in that order) enough to start a collection. Others
> collect fancy motor-cars, divorcees, you know what I mean.

My understanding is that Dyske's post is referring to contemporary art that is marketed and sold in places like the Chelsea Art Galleries. This art depends on it's clienteles' tastes, thus reflecting the market that can afford to support it.

> But also, a
> substantial amount of money goes into subsidised institutions like
> art
> schools and museums. And although the average taxpayer tends to frown
> on radical art, contemporary or otherwise, these institutions are
> accepted as being a part of everyones' life, not just the life of the
> "upper class".

In the US, the taxpayers decided that this kind of art did not reflect their tastes - by electing representatives who proudly demanded cuts in the NEA. This has left the responsibility of supporting institutions of art to people who can afford to do so, whatever their motivation. Of course they do this with the expectation that their contribution will be used to reflect their ideal of what art is, be that a commodity, a political statement or a thing of beauty.

This being said, I am not clear that this dynamic is anything new. Is the hope here that contemporary art should be a "part of everyone's life"?



Re: Beyond

I have read and re-read your very thoughtful post three times now. Wow. I am both impressed by your analysis, and somewhat distrubed by it.

What exactly do you mean as "Beyond" Upper Art? Are you suggesting that digital mediums have the potential to transcend the current market you describe?


Is there a loop?

I only recently learned of the Rhizome community, and I am really glad I did. When I mentioned this to a friend, who is in academia, he was really surprised. I have been creating technology based artwork since 1990. I get most of information online. I stay current.

Have I just been out of the loop? Is there a loop?

I have flipped through some of the profiles and websites of Rhizome members, and I am still unclear. I would be interested in how members would characterize the membership.

Who are you? Where did you come from? How did you find Rhizome?

Just curious.


Re: Whitney biennial accepting submissions

t.whid wrote:

> it looks like the whitney biennial is accepting submissions this year.

Better warm up the old flux capacitor!
The deadline for submissions is August of 2003.