Jason Sweeney
Since 2007
Works in Adelaide Australia

Jason Sweeney is an Adelaide-based sound artist, musician, composer, filmmaker, web nerd + performance wrangler. He is the co-founder of Unreasonable Adults. Since 1994 he has continued to search out ways of working/living as an artist in Australia – finding cross-art approaches to making/creating. He looks for a peculiarity in the world and hones in on it, something which defines the practice. It is unnameable. It is a queer thing. It refuses to be held down. It is a shape-shifter. It embraces cultural diversity. It is not about a specific language but rather about a language unknown, a language to be found through code, random sonic transmissions, chasing the signal, gestural signs, a simple embrace. He records music under the guise Panoptique Electrical. His electronic music duo, Pretty Boy Crossover has been releasing albums since 1998. In 2009 he undertook a major sound commission for the work with Belgian dance company, SOIT, which premiered in Europe in 2009. He was artist in residence at Nadine (Brussels) in September 2009. He has an ongoing creative collaboration with writer/researcher, Fiona Sprott – currently developing the dark comedy web series “Download The Dead” – http://www.downloadthedead.net. His unreasonable films/videos are at http://www.unreasonablefilms.com and ubiquitous sounds at http://www.soundslikesweeney.com.