Jason Nelson
Since the beginning
Works in United States of America

Without really predicting the future, I've discovered a few places where quality goods can be purchased. I'm
also from Oklahoma, but sadly don't live there now. Being a poet by training, I love the way lights flicker and sounds make my stomach all a flutter.

Jason is scared of being hidden. But then so are the digital bits he farms. Certain regulations require his standing, and then sitting, which is just too damn obvious. Sometimes he teaches at Griffith University (on the coast’s most golden of coasts) as a lecturer in Cyberstudies, although the term conjures robots with beaks and hard wired…somethings. If you like this, you love this: www.heliozoa.com.

Sometimes, after nights of talking with friends late into the night, you come home at three or four in the morning and stumble into the bathroom. After a long release of fluids, and the sound of a night’s hard work being flushed away, you look in the mirror. At first the disheveled interloper in the metal backed glass is someone you don’t know. You douse your face with water and lookup again. Still the head and nose and eyes appear strange wobbling back at you with their curious stare. You strain to recognize the person. You clean the glass with a mildewing towel from the floor and still struggle to befriend this other invading your space.

Perhaps that is the way I feel as a hypermedia poet. After the intoxicating experience of creating hypermedia works, I am bewildered by my artistic reflection. Am I, as some ask, a painter? A poet? A sound manipulator? A multimedia tinkerer? I suppose some would say I am all of these. And others would say none. The work presented here for the Ohio Arts grant represents my pulling together art forms, my collage of poetry, image, sound, movement, and interaction. All of these elements are then filtered through the web environment, allowing for a broad audience, a hypermedia gallery for every computer.

But all of this, all the merging of various genres and technology is still too new, too ever evolving for anybody to know in any coherently explainable way what exactly they are doing. And that is exactly why hypermedia is so beautiful and enticing. Sometime, long ago, someone began classifying and categorizing our world. You are a baker, you are a criminal and you over there are a Central American poet revealing the class struggle. While some say postmodernism is mired in it’s own labeling of anti-labeling paradox, it has, at least, provided a generous platform for the creation of hypermedia works. The previous ideas of what goes where, of what poetic technique is helpful for recreating the pains and joys of life, seem silly in a hypermedia environment. An environment where technology allows the artist to cross boundaries and create new borders. Creativity is dental floss is mouse movement.

When I painfully shave the coarse hairs from my face, and cleaning the cream from my face look into the mirror, I don’t see an artist I can place in a recognizable category. All I see are the crooked lines between my eyebrows and the towel rack behind me. I see a poem forming in the exhaust fans loud and louder buzz. The condensation over words carrying the light from a seventy-five watt bulb to patterns on the floor.

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Hermeticon with the correct URL

Previous post had wrong URL

New Work nearly done. Tech/aesthetic trouble shoot asked.

Title: Hermeticon


A keyboard driven incantation engine, loaded with 1980s commercials
and 15th century alchemy.

cheers, Jason

hermeticon: spell maker

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1980s meets 1400: hermeticon: spell maker

New Work nearly done. Tech/aesthetic touble shoot asked.

Title: Hermeticon


A keyboard driven incantation engine, loaded with 1980s commercials
and 15th cetnury alchemy.

cheers, Jason

hermeticon: spell maker

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this is how you will die (needs homes)

All.....a new creation that needs a home, needs space
to forecast people's death. Any ideas for fixing,
adjusting or places for it to call a living space for
a while are so very much desired.

"this is how you will die" A slot machine for death.


love, Jason Nelson

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Comments Wanted: NetBehaviour Residency Almost Over

My NetBehaviour Residency is almost over and I am
searching for favorites. If you have followed my
residency or are looking at them for the first time
now, I would love, no... I NEED TO KNOW WHICH ARE
YOUR FAVORITES, why or why not and all that rigmarole.
Please do let me know and I'll include your thoughts
in the final creation. My wrists are hurting. cheers,
Jason Nelson

Residency url:

Residency description:

Exploring interface and interactive creatures with
content grabbed, thrust, stolen, and borrowed from
new media artists, poets and electronic pioneers. Over
these 2-3 weeks, I will create twenty-four
digital extravaganzas, with each one being loosely or
closely centered on the content, ideas, images and
words of others. Think of this as ego stroking and
translation, a way to connect to those I have never
met and might not ever meet, and play with ideas of
interaction and interface. Some have offered their
content, others will simply be robbed, and all will be
enchanted, confused, annoyed and giddily stroked.

"As a NET ARTIST, I am apparently dying or dead. With
that in mind, I bask in my zombie glow, my rotting
wires and my urge to bite through skulls. I could
list those academic and worldly accolades that have
trophied themselves on my work, but I am only as good
as the last swirling mess I spit out. I live in
Australia with a beautiful woman and miss the snow, so
miss the snow."

My worlds:

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contributions needed

I'm planning a online residency at netbehavour
http://www.netbehaviour.org/ and need contributions
from other ent artists. The details are below, but
back channel me with your information.

So please do CONTRIBUTE

Not sure how many migrated back to the netbehavour
list. But those that have joined back in, might be
interested in taking part with my proposed residency.
As I said long ago, I will be creating small digital
creatures inspired by people on this list. I am
imagining 24 total..Two each day. Maybe more.

But what I need are people to volunteer images, text,
sounds and the like of their work or of them I prefer
those personal notes and family pictures. Then I will
make a creation about you, on you, over you.

If you respond to this back channel I will be sure to
include you...and if I don't get enough then I'll find
what I can on the net and blast away.

So again CONTRIBUTE!!!!!!

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