janos stone
Since 2008
Works in Astoria United States of America

Janos Stone is a New Media Sculptor based in New York City, who blends traditional sculpture and digital technology. Originally from Boston, he has deep roots in the city’s educational and artistic institutions. Mr. Stone holds an MFA in sculpture from Boston University and a BFA in sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design, where he was awarded the European Honors Program to spend Junior Year in Rome, Italy. Mr. Stone began teaching at 22 as an Assistant Professor of Sculpture at Brown University. In 2000, he became Professor at the Art Institute of Boston, Lesley University, teaching and lecturing in Sculpture and Design until 2005. He now teaches in Second Life at SUNY Buffalo.
Mr. Stone will be having a solo show this January at the Slag Gallery in Chelsea, NY. He has many works in private collections and has shown in multiple galleries, including the Virginia Lynch Gallery, Tiverton, RI and Sampson Projects, Boston, MA. He has been awarded commissions for permanent public monuments, including one for the City of Providence, RI executed at 23. Mr. Stone has received academic honors such as the Art Faculty Travel Prize to study the stone-carved letter in Newfoundland, Canada and the Boston University, Constatin Alajaov Scholarship On occasion he serves as Judge in the Marblehead Sculpture Exhibition, in Marblehead, MA.