james brouwer
Since the beginning
Works in Amsterdam Netherlands

Brief Artist Biog

James Brouwer is an Artist that uses Video and Sound to make his work, In the field of electronic art and digital media. He was born in 1978 in Nottinghamshire (UK) and went to Hull School of Art. Where he studied Fine Art and Specialised in Time Based Media he achieved a First at BA level. Since Then James Brouwer has focused on time based digital works and generative art. James has also been employed by various organisations to teach workshops in the field of electronic art. And most recently taught at Nottingham Trent University. James Brouwer also collaborates on Running a Nottingham based Web Radio station www.NAAN.org.uk

James Brouwer has put together a DVD video of some of him most resent video and audio works, and is currently working in collaboration On several Live Audio / Visual Projects, http://www.da-n.co.uk/ for Digital Arts [North]) and has most recently collaborated and Performed Live Audio / Visual work at Hull Time Bases Arts Gage 05 Festival (Feb. 05)

James Brouwer has shown work and been successful commissioned at various International Electronic Art festivals, Such as at
•Sonar Festival (Barcelona 2003) video piece shown in the 'Sonarcinema' at the Museum of contemporary arts Barcelona.
•rand( )% http://www.r4nd.org part of the Ultrasound festival part of the Huddersfield contempory music festival. (2003)
•All Tomorrow's Parties Crated by Autechre Placard International headphone festival UK. (2003)
•Opera North Remix commission (2002)
•Evolution digital media festival Leeds (2002)
•ScreenLab research residency at Leeds City Art Gallery. (2002)
•ROOT Festival (Hull Time Based Arts) (2001)
•LoveBytes festival of Digital Media 2000/01' Sheffield

James Brouwer’s Video are concentrated fragments of video, edited with rapid changes in a none liner style often giving an illusory perspective of sound to the visual. Video of everyday activities gets put though a treatment of the Bizarre amusing cut up’s.

James Brouwer also Records Music/ Sound under Various different pseudonyms Mainly as Mijim on Melange (UK) and Alien nation (Japan) records, and also collaborates as ‘Powerbooks for Peace’ on Aluk (Spain)

I’ve have worked with several different organisations and people, much of my work is collaborative. People who I have worked with include, Joe Gilmore, Chris Gladwin, Alex Peverett, Leigh Robinson.