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Re: Re: A technical question

Thank you for your help, I had a look through the Pd documentation...
Blimey I think you'd need a few doctorates to understand that ol' stuff!

Thank you for pointing me in the direction, I think it will be a classic case of so close yet so far, it certainly pertains to do what I want it to!

Thanks again

All the best



A technical question

I apologise for my first message to be one of want, but I am seeking advice! For a multimedia installation I would like to run image captured from a camera and sound captured through a microphone into a laptop which will output the image onto a screen and the sound to speakers. The difficult bit is that I would like to us a piece of software to overlay an animation over the image and have a soundtrack playing underneath the sound that the microphone captures.

At first I thought I could just use a pice of VJ software to mix everything, but I cannot find a piece of software that allows me to mix the sound as well...

I am sorry if this is not a forum for technical help - but any hints about what I could do to solve the problem would be much appreciated.

Yours sincerely

James Hurst