jake elliott
Since 2003
Works in Chicago, Illinois United States of America

Jake Elliott lives in Chicago, studying and working with computer systems for data reinterpretation. His output is evenly divided between sonic performances and software interfaces, each approached as a system for information processing and re-contextualization. In addition to a regular performance schedule collaborating local improvisers, he works on a number of web-based projects including co-curating art space gallery1f [http://structuredsound.net/gallery1f/].

site: [http://structuredsound.net/jake/]
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Gallery1F presents AtoD

Sat Jun 25, 2005 00:00 - Sat Jun 25, 2005

Please join us for Gallery1F's first web-show, AtoD.

Gallery1F's first web-show features artworks that engage transition: offline-to-online, signal-to-sample, continuous-to-discrete, analog-to-digital.  AtoD displays the work of six artists navigating the screen as a fuzzy border and managing interactions between analog quantities and their digital representations.

Participating artists are:
Josh Azzarella
Bryce Beverlin II
Elena Jovanova

[[[[[[[    http://gallery1f.org/   ]]]]]]]

-- Jake Elliott & Ezara Hoffman


gallery1f open call :: offline->online

Mon Mar 14, 2005 02:36

gallery1f (structuredsound.net/gallery1f/) is transitioning from a brick&mortar space to an online space.

our inaugural event as an online art space will be a juried show of works in many media which deal with the transition of offline to online, analog to digital, material to data. we hope to support and host works which address issues of sampling, sublimation, encoding and decoding.

this is an open call to submit works and/or proposals in sound/writing/video/flash/javascript/photography/etc. the deadline for submissions is april 8th, 2005. if your proposal is dependent on exotic technology, please submit early and allow us to ascertain its manageability on our server.

please submit proposals or links to completed work to gallery1f@gmail.com

gallery1f is co-curated by ezara hoffman and jake elliott.

thanks for your time!