Jacob Bradshaw
Since 2002
Works in Rose Hill United States of America

My name is Jacob Bradshaw.

Simple enough, eh?

I was born October 7th 1985 in the rural/urban city of Wilmington, North Carolina. A few days after my birth, I came home to my "base of operations" in the country outside of Rose Hill, North Carolina.

I am currently a senior at Wallace-Rose Hill High School in Teachey, North Carolina.

My interest in art started at a very young age. My first doodlings, of course, was when I was a small child. This stage did not last long as I was doodling such as Bart Simpson at the age of three.

I took an active interest in computer art in 1999.

I plan to attend the Art Institute of Charlotte (Charlotte, NC) to recieve a degree in Graphic Design.

I believe in God and rely on him everyday.

Thank you for reading this brief biography and may your days be like toilet paper . . . long and useful.