jacky Sawatzky
Since 2004
Works in Toronto Canada

Jacky Sawatzky is a multi- media artist. Originally from Winnipeg, Canada, she spent most of her life in the Netherlands were she completed the majority of her formal training and later moved to Vancouver to complete an MFA degree at Simon Fraser University. Her recent projects focus on the development of situations and tools that allow a broad public to share and express their individual points of view while collaborating in a larger social context. They are intended to create an awareness of the concepts behind digital technology and explore the influence this technology has on our perception and consumption of such.

Her work has shown at conferences, festival and galleries in Europe and North-America.
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dance video

Thank you Michael.

Follow me_ With this work, I hope to engage in a relationship with place that is intuitive, sensual and involves pleasure in being there. The other work Do/Don't tell is teasing the conventional perception of a place, like a public washroom. The other two Out of Blue and A lullaby (older works) , are trying to find place, the images stay on top , afraid to go beneath the surface of the video space.

You make video art too (I am inspired by your v-blog) and I am wondering how do you experience the editing process in your work?


dance video

Editing is like choreographing with images.

Four dance videos http://vimeo.com/album/217313


Intimate Irrelevant Moments

Sun May 30, 2010 00:00 - Sun May 30, 2010


Just before the kick-of the 2010 World Cup. You might be watching?

Approximately 4 Billion people watched the 2006 World Cup Soccer on television,
about a quarter of the world population.
When taking into consideration that the broadcast is not a neutral and objective view of the match,but a constructed dramatization of this real-time event,
it becomes important that questions are asked as to the underlying narratives constructed through the editing and camera techniques. 
These choices the television directors make determine, for a part, how the viewer experiences the matches. With this project I want to ask questions regarding the current style of broadcast and create awareness. What does this the current style propagate? How has the technological enhancement changed how televised soccer is experienced?

Here an artistic response to these questions:


found/roaming the old railbed -a mediated soundwalk

For those who are in Vancouver on October 7th and feel like going on a
mediated soundwalk before canadian thanksgiving dinner.

Found /Roaming is an audio enhanced soundwalk where participants are
invited to imagine what was , is , and could be lying beyond an old

October 7, 2007 2.00 PM
Meeting Point: Northeast corner of 1st and Fir (near Granville island)
By Chris O'Connor, Phil Thomson and Jacky Sawatzky

For more information http://www.no-map.net

Cheers, Jacky Sawatzky



Re: on painting and new media


A short reply.
I have just started developing the code for a project, and my brain is
hurting. it's not because I can't do it because I have to find a
translation from what I want into code. Now, I am not a professional
programmer but I do have enough skills to execute the project. The
creative intuitive, and physical part for me is located in this
translation from my idea in to object orientated programming language,
and how I translate this, my mistakes, round about ways, preference for
a certain logical thought this will show through in the final piece.
My brian is working my body moves trying to grasp the stream of the
data; it's as physical as my performances and drawings.



On 11-Jun-07, at 8:35 AM, Pall Thayer wrote:

> I understand where you're coming from but I don't agree with some of
> the wording of your letter and I somehow doubt that it's going to get
> a lot of attention or serious consideration due to the wording. As
> with a number of my posts, this was written pretty quickly and may
> contain errors and contradictions. I'll deal with them as they arise.
> First of all, saying that new media is "easy and pleasant" in
> comparison to painting sounds awful. If painting is what you're into
> and you've been doing it for a number of years, it's just as "easy and
> pleasant" as any other medium will be to someone who knows it well.
> Computer-based arts tend to be a bit cleaner, require less space and
> are somewhat less physical but that doesn't make painting less easy or
> pleasant. I painted for years before turning completely to
> computer-based art and there were several things about painting that I
> found much easier. One would be the DIFFERENCE in the technical
> mediation between me and a painting. Today, if I want to change
> something, I have to edit code, recompile and then run the work to see
> the effect. Sometimes I have to allow the work to run for 30 to 60
> minutes before I can see the effects of the change. Sometimes I'll
> make some changes and the work doesn't run at all in which case I
> could spend anywhere from 2 minutes to 2 days (or longer) diagnosing
> and researching the problem. On average, I would say that each
> finished piece is the culmination of about 1.5 years of work.