Jack Stenner
Since the beginning
Works in Gainesville, Florida United States of America

Jack Stenner is an artist who has worked with technology, video, and installation since the mid 1990s. He is an Assistant Professor of Art + Technology at the University of Florida, School of Art and Art History. His work addresses issues related to our socio-culturally constructed "reality" and the ways we create meaning. He is interested in “place” and how meaning is embedded, manipulated and transcoded in the environment. His work explores the construction of a “hybrid subject”; a subject that is neither entirely human nor machinic. Combining techniques from information retrieval and visualization, content analysis, video gaming, computer vision and experimental video, he seeks to create experiences that encourage us to reconsider what we think we know about our world, and imagine an alternative utopia.

He holds a Bachelors of Environmental Design, a Masters of Science in Visualization, and a Ph.D in Architecture with emphasis in Computer Visualization from Texas A&M University. He worked with artists in the context of an alternative art space he founded in Houston, Texas, for almost 10 years. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, at venues including Siggraph, ACM Multimedia, International Society of Electronic Artists (ISEA), ZeroOne Biennial, Alternative Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Toluca, Mexico, Polk Museum of Art,Tampa Museum of Art, and others.
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Re: XP service pack 2

I agree with you regarding the mac vs. pc debate. Pointless and
boring....it's a faith issue :-) I have no desire to convert anyone,
but any time the subject comes up, the first thing heard is "macs are
so expensive." And then the person starts talking about how they built
a $500 computer mail order, blah, blah, blah. First, Apple is a
computer maker, and should only be compared with other computer makers
regarding cost of their systems. Second, I have built pcs before (one
is beside my desk right now....piece of s@$!......LOL), and assure you
that a homebuilt computer at the price levels many people claim, rarely
has equivalent quality, performance, or specs when compared to the
nearest priced Mac. Of course, this doesn't even address total cost of
ownership - maintenance, service, etc.

You can always find fault with any article, but in general, I think
there's a lot of false economy that leads people to make statements
about mac/pc costs.


I'm sure you'd probably agree - Mac/PC/Linux, it's all 1's and 0's and
what you do with them that matters :-)

On Oct 5, 2004, at 4:22 AM, Jess Loseby wrote:

> Hi jack,
> I do feel its pointless getting into a mac v. pc debate as its almost
> religious in
> commitment - tolerance and understanding is all we can hope for
> between users:) Still I
> can't help but think these articles are not accurate or unbiased. In
> the first one for
> example, I see what this article is saying re software, which is a
> interesting (and possibly
> crucial) issue. However, he are uses dell prices for the case
> *against* a pc - I mean
> anyone shells out 2grand to dell for an off-the-shelf pc of that spec
> needs help and
> advice anyway...! I notice the mac prices are without the monitors
> too. Yes, I love the
> flatscreens but we are looking at


Re: XP service pack 2

It's a common misconception that macs cost more than pcs. That used to
be the case, but no longer, especially when comparing based on



On Oct 4, 2004, at 4:20 PM, Jess Loseby wrote:


> I feel are
> somewhat thwarted by the astronomical price of macs which I consider
> has a far more
> mediating influence that any search engine.
> just some thoughts (delete to taste)
> jess. o
> /^ rssgallery.com
> ][


Re: Re: Burn, Baby Burn: Fahrenheit 9/11

On Jun 27, 2004, at 12:14 PM, Jason Van Anden wrote:

> Very well said Randall.

I agree, very well said!

> I saw it Friday night in Times Square, and felt the same way as you,
> as did the rest of the audience who arrived ready to love Michael
> Moore and hate George W. Bush. This concerns me -- a lot.
> Presumably, politically motivated art is supposed to bring about
> change. I believe more often than not it often fails to fulfill this
> mission because it preaches to the chior.
> This realization has been bumming me out since Friday night.

Deja vu, I've been thinking the same way. I went to see the movie
Friday morning here in College Station (home of daddy Bush's
presidential library). It was a very large crowd considering it was
10:30 AM, and considering the conservative environment. As we were
leaving, a television reporter and camera crew was outside interviewing
people. A number of people gave interviews (myself included), and
eventually, the reporter asked the crowd if anyone DIDN'T like/agree
with the movie. Not a single had was raised, even though they would
have been in the majority city-wide. The same tv station had
previously conducted a poll, and 72% of respondents said they weren't
planning to see the movie, so obviously, the crowd was mostly the

I don't think the movie will change minds that are already closed. I
do believe that those who are open-minded and attend the movie might be
swayed simply by virtue of the power of Moore's ability to compel the
viewer with real life situations. This movie will convince those who
are sitting on the fence more readily than any speech by John Kerry.
For me, it's simply worthwhile to know that there are others out there
who see through the haze.

Jack Stenner


Re: Sound Recording on Mac

Can't get cheaper than free:


On Jun 14, 2004, at 6:21 AM, Jason Van Anden wrote:

> Hi,
> I am new to using the Mac (yadda yadda 10.3 -- making the switch... ),
> and I am looking for a simple (cheap) application to record and edit
> sound files with. Suggestions appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Jason
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Re: Tech question for telepresence

A few solutions come to mind.

If you're on a mac you could use "Broadcaster" to stream live video
direct to your web page. You'd need to embed a video file. I've done
this and it works well with a DV feed.

If you can program, and you really want to do it via a java applet, you
could probably integrate the Broadcaster feed into a Java applet via
QuickTime for Java.

If you want to use a Java applet and frame rate isn't as important to
you, you could use any number of webcam applications. I've used EvoCam
on Macs <http://www.evological.com/> and Webcam32 on PCs
<http://www.surveyor.com/products/webcam32.html> using DV with a frame
rate of 1fps.


On Dec 17, 2003, at 9:01 PM, patrick lichty wrote:

> I am trying to put together an idea for a livetelepresenceproject from
> video rovers.
> I will be using FireWire to input live DV data into my computer.
> Any ideas on applets, or even hardware that take live DV or Composite
> for live display through a webpage (preferable through a JAVA Applet?)