Jackie Im

Jackie Im is an independent curator, writer and artist living and working in Oakland, CA. She has curated exhibitions at the Wattis Institute of Contemporary Art, San Francisco, CA; the Mills College Art Museum, Oakland, CA; Liminal Space, Oakland, CA; S.H.E.D. Projects, Oakland, CA; Pro Arts, Oakland, CA; MacArthur B Arthur, Oakland, CA; and Queens Nails, San Francisco, CA. She has assisted on exhibitions at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA; Queens Nails Projects, San Francisco, CA; Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco, CA; and the Walter and McBean Galleries at San Francisco Art Institute. She received her BA in Art History from Mills College and her MA in Curatorial Practice from California College of the Arts. She is currently the editor of Art Cards San Francisco and co-director and curator of Et al., a gallery in San Francisco.
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a, dog I'm holding undermy arm with Its head pointed behind me

Fri Mar 13, 2015 19:17 - Sat Mar 28, 2015

San Francisco, California
United States of America

James Cordas
a, dog I'm holding undermy arm with Its head pointed behind me
March 13 - 28, 2015
Reception: Friday, March 13, 7:17-10:00 pm

In in in preparation for the exhibition James Cordas has spent over 2 or 3 years living inside the notorious Ford Bronco used in the long car chase of 1994. During the residency the artist compiled 17 stories. In a, dog I'm holding undermy arm with its head pointed behind me the artist will rebuild the vehicle inside the gallery to be included along side several other childhood objects. The works will be ok. The artist will remain silent during the run of the exhibition but will be expressing himself through hair color. The gallery will be made wheelchair accessible for opening night only.

WARNING: This exhibition has been identified by Epilepsy Action to potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.


Anthony Dicenza: Trouble Sleeping

Fri Jan 23, 2015 19:00 - Fri Feb 27, 2015

San Francisco, California
United States of America

Anthony Discenza
Trouble Sleeping
January 23 - February 27, 2015
Reception: Friday, January 23, 7:00-10:00 pm
(The specific group of works on display will change on a weekly basis for the duration of the exhibition)

He drew his papers towards him. But he worked badly; or rather, he did not work at all. The square outside had its own noises, frequent and new, and Oleron could only hope that he would speedily become accustomed to these. First came hawkers, with their carts and cries; at midday the children, returning from school, trooped into the square and swung on Oleron's gate; and when the children had departed again for afternoon school, an itinerant musician with a mandolin posted himself beneath Oleron's window and began to strum. This was a not unpleasant distraction, and Oleron, pushing up his window, threw the man a penny. Then he returned to his table again...

But it was no good. He came to himself, at long intervals, to find that he had been looking about his room and wondering how it had formerly been furnished—whether a settee in buttercup or petunia satin had stood under the farther window, whether from the centre moulding of the light lofty ceiling had depended a glimmering crystal chandelier, or where the tambour-frame or the picquet-table had stood... No, it was no good; he had far better be frankly doing nothing than getting fruitlessly tired; and he decided that he would take a walk, but, chancing to sit down for a moment, dozed in his chair instead.

"This won't do," he yawned when he awoke at half-past four in the afternoon; "I must do better than this tomorrow—"

And he felt so deliciously lazy that for some minutes he even contemplated the breach of an appointment he had for the evening.

- "The Beckoning Fair One," Oliver Onions


5 Types in 3 Parts

Fri Dec 12, 2014 19:00 - Fri Jan 16, 2015

San Francisco, California
United States of America

5 Types in 3 Parts
Directed by Lauren Marsden
Date: December 12, 2014 – January 16, 2015
Opening Reception: Friday December 12, 7-10pm
Artist Talk: Sunday December 14, 2pm

Featuring collaborations with:
Jaz Halloran, Designer/Typographer
Lily Prillinger, SFPD Police Officer & Composite Artist

With appearances by:
Phillip Caires, Thomas Cokenias, Jason Do, Nathan Emley, Duncan Heath, Damian Lanahan-Kalish, William Lushbough, Joseph Paul, Matthew Quirk, and Bryan Thompson


Janine Katzman was her name. She got me started.
She told me, ‘I don’t care if you’re dating Marianne Ellis, the captain of the cheerleading team. I want you.’ She introduced me to a world where wants and needs can be met; where you can have what you want, if you can just get past that Judeo-Christian stigma of singular, solitary, proprietary, relational contract around boyfriend/girlfriend. It’s a value, whose exploration I’ve carried through life and so…you can call them trysts. You can call them that beautiful, elegant wrist bone of the mid-Western Swedish girl at the hotel. Please don’t forget the big heavy rock glass with gin. She’s there for a reason. It’s not the gin. I have a glass too and that’s not why I’m there.
-Duncan Heath in The Audition Tapes, 2014

The Seasonal Bachelor
The Frisky Entrepreneur
The Sociopathic Gentleman
The Affectionate Drug Dealer
The Son of a Dead Rock Star

These five, vaguely familiar, fictional men come to life through the meandering interpretations of ten local actors, a typographer, and a San Francisco Police Department composite artist. Using methods of structured improvisation, each elusive character is conjured repeatedly through casting calls, audition tapes, police interviews, and typefaces, leaving us with the traces of a cast that never was.


Hard Weather: Carson Fisk-Vittori & Anna Sagström

Thu Oct 30, 2014 19:00 - Fri Dec 05, 2014

San Francisco, California
United States of America

Hard Weather
Carson Fisk-Vittori & Anna Sagström
October 30 - December 5, 2014
Reception: Thursday, October 30, 7:00-10:00 pm

Break of a wave, bad earth quakes,
Weather building up.
While surfing a wave I decided to de-install.
As soon as I'd come back, I'd re-install.
On my way home,
a wet morning, sound proof,
and the fragrance of a touch.
This wet morning, sound proof,
sedimentations of you.
Soft clouds navigating through damn layers of perfume.
Break of a wave causing a subtle insurrection,
a rippling aftermath.
Is rear view mirror syndrome limiting your potential?
I rotate 360 degrees in one day and my memory is gone,
now replaced by some casual encounters, some less.
Early hours dissolved by patterns of resonance,
like a coin falling from a balcony of the 25th floor.

While I was detoxing symbolic success was evaporating in front of me.
I turned desire into simple needs,
like staying hard.

- text for 'Desperate Vitality' by Matilda Tjäder

Carson Fisk-Vittori
b. 1987. Lives in Oakland, California

Anna Sagström
b. 1985. Lives in Berlin, Germany


Artist Talk: Shiyuan Liu

Sat Sep 27, 2014 16:00 - Sat Sep 27, 2014

San Francisco, California
United States of America

Saturday, September 27
ARTIST TALK (ACAW-SF Highlight Program)

The artist’s talk My Paper Knife convenes audiences to participate in a presentation-conversation with the visiting Copenhagen and Beijing based artist Shiyuan Liu. Through the lens of personal accounts and individual narratives, this talk draws paths into and out of the artist’s practice when reflects upon the multiple local cultural landscapes that have shaped Liu’s artistic investigations. The artist approaches culture as a subjective and visceral experience rather than a generalized, generic concept.

Artist Talk: Alter-Circuit: Shiyuan Liu, My Paper Knife
Et. Al. Gallery
Organized by ACAC-SF and Et. Al. Gallery
4 – 6 pm