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Since 2004
Works in San Francisco, California United States of America


Syracuse International Film and Video Festival Call for Entries

Doug Easterly:

The Syracuse International Film and Video Festival is seeking entries.

The deadline of Dec. 10th is fast approaching, and there have been very few Experimental or Animation entries.

If you are interested, please visit this link:

http://www.syrfilmfest.com/main.php ?title=Filmmakers&content_file=submit.txt

I know I don't apply to a lot of the film festivals thinking they are too commercial. As a pre-screener for the animation and experimental categories in this festival, I can tell you that we are looking for truly provocative and original works.


tagged exhibition - net/art?

michael kargl:

tagged exhibition - net/art?
i'm currently experimenting with del.icio.us - tags. the idea is to make an exhibition which can be seen in various layers thanks to tagging...
have a look: http://del.icio.us/carlos.katastrofsky
this project is a work in progress and started recently after a discussion about curating with marisa s. olson and luís silva here: http://vercodigofonte.blogspot.com/ 2005/11/on-blogging-as-curating.html and while reading the comments on rhizome about lev manovich's article "Remix and Remixability"...
by now it's just a concept/ sketch, but:
comments are always welcome!


Bill Viola Opening

doron golan:

New Works
Nov 5 - Dec 22, 2005

Opening Reception
November 11, 6PM - 8PM

James Cohan Gallery
533 West 26th Street New York NY 10001
TEL 212 714 9500 FAX 212 714 9510
HOURS Tuesday - Saturday 10 - 6 PM


motion picture revisited

Michael Szpakowski:
Anyone remotely diverted by last weeks b&w 'motion
picture', you might like to try this full colour
version - there's more visual variety too.


carries a bit more weight, this one, at 15Kb



Marjan van Mourik:
- We resdesigned the newsletter and our website!. We took your comments seriously, so it is now much easier to navigate. No new browser window opens if you look for any information. It will all enter next to the videoscreen.

- Fourteen New Global Anchors Enhance OOH! TV's Robust Entertainment Catalogue; Mobile Distribution of a Diverse Group of Content Providers Creates New Entertainment Options for the Mobile Market. And one of these Content providers will be CULTURETV. Looking beyond traditional access via the web, OOH! TV has secured agreements to broadcast these channels over digital signage and Wi-Fi networks that represent nearly 1500 locations, such as airports, cafes, hotels, universities, malls, and other high traffic public venues in the US. The online television network will launch the beta version in October 2005 .

- 'Russian POP ART part II, Moscow, Information / Transformation -EXTRACity (Antwerp) (B) and MONOPOLIS-Antwerp Witte de With, Rotterdam (NL) , are the exhibitions which we have for you on video.

- About the new videart. This week we present a short intro of the documentary '7 Sons' by Florian Thalofer and Mahmoud Hamdy. “Sheik Suellim has seven sons


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CSU East Bay Multimedia Graduate Program - 2005 Thesis Presentations

Wed Jun 08, 2005 00:00 - Wed Jun 08, 2005


Open to the Public

Wednesday, June 8th, 2005
7:00 to 9:30 p.m.
AE 1203

Multimedia Thesis Project Presentations

Luminance is a live, playful, interactive art installation in which participants use their own physical body movements to create and influence digital content on a 10' X 7.5' screen. Participants are completely untethered. Their gestures, dancing, leaping and stillness can create image elements on the screen that move with the user and/or move digital content already on the screen.

Lee Marrs
J.J. Toothman
Scott Wong

Conspiritus is an interactive, virtual reality biofeedback game, which aims to provide an entertaining way for players to have fun while on a quest of self-discovery.

The Conspiritus video game uses custom biofeedback sensors, 2D and 3D graphics, and audio to create an immersive and interactive virtual reality world. In this reality, players will navigate and explore a virtual world represented in a pop culture-esque style. Players will experience a multimedia-aided story, taken from a framework of world myths, metaphors, and folk sagas. Conspiritus uses a respiration monitor belt worn around the player's upper abdomen, which will measure a player's breathing pattern. A headband worn on the player's forehead monitors subtle brainwave activity. These biofeedback sensors send input into a 3D video game engine, which will be used for navigation and interactivity inside the game. Motion tracking will also be used to navigate inside the 3D environment. Each player will have a unique and entertaining experience, while gaining insight about undiscovered strength within themselves.

Steve Kearsley
Sasha Grueneberger
Linh Nguyen
Ivonne Proano
Xavier Velazquez

Creators behind the Curtains
Since the beginning of time people of all cultures have tried to explain the unexplainable. Through ancient creation myths cultures reveal their fate after death, the reasons for crises or miracles, and yet they retain and even encourage a curtain of mystery. Myths above all satisfy our need to understand the natural world and our place in the cosmos even with the advent of modern science and technology.

Our project combines opposing mediums to convey these ancient creation myths while lending itself to the advent of modern technology. We utilize the influence of sculptural ceramic tiles as a narrative medium and a natural element, which is interrelated with the myths. Along with the tiles there is a harmonious blend with computers through which the story is told in a 360-degree environment. This purpose of our project is to encourage you to fall into that curtain of mystery and absorb yourself in both an ancient and modern story telling environment. Join us and witness the creators behind the curtains.

Clint Eldridge
Fiona Simeons


“NextBlog” is an online Flash Movie generator based on users own information such as messages, pictures and music. It dynamically generates unique Flash Movies (swf) and users are able to download the created movies.

Cheyenne Beatty
Kuniaki Tsutsui

Fuz the End

Fuz: the end is an interactive multimedia comic saga.
It is a narrative telling of a comic world brought to life using three forms: 1. Digital Comic, 2. 3D Animation, and 3. 3D Gaming. And the $!@#'s finally done.

Nghia Nguyen
Wayne Chan

Damien Gosset
The Magic Lantern: “The Magic Lantern” is an opera for DVD with interactive DVD/ROM components. The DVD uses the medias of word, sound, music, video and graphics to reveal the narrative and promote the inquiry. The narrative consists of two parallel texts (“Freak Map” and “Libretto”) that address the area of inquiry, with each informing the other. The “Libretto” is written in free verse and is intended to be performed and heard. The “Freak Map” is written in prose was structured to be read. The “Libretto” is performed in its entirety. Portions of the second text, the “Freak Map” are nested within it. The audio, visual and graphic elements were chosen not as literal translation of the text but as illustrations of the transitory and contextual nature of interpretation of word and idea. They are meant as parchment where the word is written to be lost. The DVD/ROM portion of the DVD will contain copies of both texts and links to background research and additional links about the work.