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Re: Sure am glad we have 'free speech' in the USA

> Subject: RHIZOME_RAW: Sure am glad we have 'free speech' in the USA
> ps. fuck George Bush (all of them)
Be my guest ... http://aor.shon.org/


Death of net art exaggerated

> Subject: RHIZOME_RAW: Net art has been dead for a LONG time.
> We JUST figured that out?
> As a point of note,
> At Susan Ryan's College Art Association panel on the future
> of technological art in 2002(I think 2002, might have been
> 2001) during the Q&A session, I boldly announced (in a bit of
> a illicit haze) that the day after the WB2000, that Net Art was:
> "...dead as your poor old Great Aunt Edna, as it has been
> recognized and canonized by the Institution.

Death of net art exaggerated.

"Telecommunications by artists is on the brink of becoming a fashionable
medium - or at least so it would seem from the number of tims that
'telecommunications' crops up in the writings and conversation of artists,
critics and theoreticians concerned with the electronic corner of current
art practice. But this new interest will be viewed with very mixed feelings
by artists working with telecommunications media. On the positive - or any
publicity is good publicity - side is the fact that discussion and
information about telecommunications projects and programs will stimulate a
greater interest among artsts and the art community - which will bring, in
turn, increased funding, attention in art journals etc. Up until now there
has been so little attention paid to this kind of work that even the people
doing it were often asked about its 'art content' - which made it very
difficult to compete, with confidence, for a place in art programs. A
serious discussion of the nature and possibilities of electronic
telecommunications systems as media for art activity could change things
dramatically ... though not necessarily for the better."

Robert Adrian X Vancouver 1983

"The creative use of networks makes them organisims. The work is never in a
state of completion, how could it be so? Telematique is a decentralising
medium; its metaphor is that of a web or net in which there is no centre, or
hierarchy, no top or bottom. It breaks the boundaries not only of the
insular individual but of institutions, territories and tim zones. To engage
in telematic communication is to be at once everywhere and nowhere. In this
it is subversive. It subverts the idea of authorship bound up within the
solitary individual. It subverts the idea of individual ownership of the
works of imagination. It replaces the bricks and mortar of institutions of
culture and learning with an invisible college and a floating museum the
reach of which is always expanding to include new possibilities of mind and
new intimations of reality."

Roy Ascott Bristol 1983


Re: Re: Re: Artists' weblogs

Then there's little me, attempting a full on artists blog:

Absent WithOut Leave: My life as an artist

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> Subject: RHIZOME_RAW: Re: Re: Artists' weblogs
> Rachel Greene wrote:
> > writing about art, or art? I am thinking of the latter.
> here are 3 that I'm somehow a small part of:
> http://544x378.free.fr/(WebTV)/
> Jimpunk's very cool visual blog that he gave me posting
> rights, although I'm bad at doing so.
> http://www.mteww.com/mtaaRR
> MTAA's blog. some art, some rants, some rants about art.
> (search under AIOTD for some art thoughts)
> http://www.eyebeam.org/reblog/
> Eyebeam's fun meta-blog that picks up other blog's RSS feeds,
> MTAA"s included.
> enjoy
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Absent WithOut Leave: My Life As An Artist

I would like to introduce you to my weblog and invite you to visit:

Absent WithOut Leave

My Life As An Artist


I have worked as an artist on and off since 1990. Sometimes I go absent
without leave.
This blog is intended to document my daily working routine alongside
everything else that goes into my creative life.
I am writing it because I believe that ordinarily next to nothing is seen of
a working routine.
I am writing it because I want to study my own working routine, to see what
works and what doesn't.
I aim to make a living from my work. I want to use this blog to record my
work, network, publicize, comment and alter my life and working practice.

Comments welcomed. Please pass it on.




Ivan Pope



Absent WithOut Leave: My life as an artist



Re: Re: Re: The Myth of Meritocracy in Fine Arts

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> t.whid

> I've read Curt's stuff for years on this list and no one points to the
> big elephant in the room: Curt believes in God (with the cap G).

[Ivan Pope] The other night I went to see a film called 'Elephant' by Alan
Parker. It was made in the eighties. Gus van Sant's film, Elephant, is named
thus in homage. I had been waiting years to see Parker's film. It is about
violence (shootings) in Northern Ireland (the six counties)and is called
Elephant because Parker believed that violence was the elephant in the room
in Northern Ireland, i.e. in polite society no-one talked about it.

I had never heard or seen anyone actually use this phrase, so I write to
thank t.whid for his wonderful use of it today!