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Re: Re: fuck Bush

Gregory Little wrote:

>I share your anger, and the only sense of solace I feel today is from this
>list, as I see the rain-soaked pamphlets outside my front door from 2/11,
>saying enough is enough, get out and vote. Yes Fuck Bush!, rape and burn
>the bastard.
>So yes, fuck Bush, and yes, the only solution I can see at this moment is
>the nonstop experimental art party, while we still can....
>The Ron Suskind post, constructed realities, evil empires, that is something
>we know something about, maybe we can fight them there.......the war we are
>waging has not worked.
>Gregory Little
>Assistant Professor
>Digital Art
>Bowling Green State University
>Bowling Green OH 43403
>Voice 419-372-2293
>Fax 419-372-2544
>email glittle@bgnet.bgsu.edu <mailto:glittle@bgnet.bgsu.edu>
I guess the fact that you feel you can put your employment details at
the end of this email shows that not _everything_ is fucked up.
Or put it another way, I don't think you would have done that in 1930s
Germany or maybe even in current day Italy.


Re: fuck Bush

Pall Thayer wrote:

>I hear the Bush plans to abolish democracy later this evening. Rumor has
>it he also plans to declare the USA a separate planet.
Hey, lets not get silly. The USA has always been a separate planet.
There's nothing Bush can do about that.
I vote from now on we always write his name bUSH.


Re: fuck Bush

Well, I feel sick, have done all day. Last night I went to bed thinking
Kerry was going to do it.
Woke up at 6am and snuck down to put the telly on. Went into slump.
Haven't been to the US since Bush was elected and don't think I'll
bother now.
I wish I felt safer, but I don't.

t.whid wrote:

> fuck Bush!
> You Bush voters, your american citizenship is officially revoked for
> not identifying and dismissing the creeping authoritarianism that is
> the GWB administration. If it's not obvious enough now, over the next
> four years it will become abundantly clear how big a mistake you have
> made. Hopefully we'll still have democratic institutions in place at
> that point so we'll be able to correct it.
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(no subject)

First BETA showcase: Call for Submissions (Please forward
this call Far & Wide)


Technology as a Slave to Art

30th & 31st October 2004

Brighton, East Sussex, UK

The first BETA open showcase, bringing a diversity of technology based
artworks to the public in a new and unique manner.

BETA calls for the submission of work for a two day exhibition at Brighton
Fringe Gallery. Our aim is to show self-selected art with technology work
for a day and a night of interaction, demonstration, networking, gaming,
sonic art, projection, music and beer.

We are looking for work that can fit within the space and be installed for
two days only.

We are attempting to expand ways of showing work and the audience that sees

We would welcome submissions of anything that can fit within a gallery space
and has a self-defined technology component.

We are hoping for a range of standalone screen based, network, interactive,
installed, sound, light, experimental works where the creators bring along
their own kit and install the piece on site.

We will also be scheduling projected work and sound and performance works
for the evening.

We are now calling for work in the following categories.

* Screen and pc based workwork (artists to bring their own machine along and
install for event)

* Floor based work (could be anything from a pc on a stand to a standalone
sculpture, artist to bring work and install)

* Works for projection (work can be submitted in specified formats, work
will be projected during event)

* Small installations (there are several specific spaces within the space
that would take small site specific installations, artists to bring and
install work, see website for more details of spaces)

* Sound and performance works for evening live event

Note that this is a BYO (Bring Your Own) event and all participants will
have to be present to set up their own work. There will be a setup day on
the Friday.

Please send submissions of max 500 words by email with a max of 1mb
attachments or a link to web information.

Deadline for submissions midnight Friday Oct 8th


<http://www.betagroup.org/> http://www.betagroup.org


Sound and multimedia programming: PURE DATA for Artists

Learn something new for the new year! (Please pass this on)

BETA and Lighthouse, Brighton present

Pure Data for Artists with Derek Holzer and Aymeric Mansoux
h <http://betagroup.org/workshops.html> ttp://betagroup.org/workshops.html
http://www. <http://www.lighthouse.org.uk> lighthouse.org.uk

December 13 ­to 18

Pure-Data is a modular synthesizer system in software. It can be used as a =
virtual electronic instrument, in a midi studio context or live. It can pro=
cess live or recorded material, and can be utilised to create sound- and, w=
ith GEM - video installations. While many tools exist for sound, multimedia=
and VJ purposes, few of them are designed with an open architecture that a=
llows artists to configure the tools they use themselves. Fewer still are f=
ree. The importance of an open source development model may seem academic a=
t first, but in fact there is a strong need for a workshop of this kind. Th=
e fees, licenses and restrictions that come with commercial software become=
more and more restrictive every day, and the knowledge in the new media co=
mmunity of free and open source software is extremely limited. Coupled with=
this is the stigma that open source software, such as Linux, is "too diffi=
cult" for artists to use.

This course aims to provide digital tools that can be taken away and put to=
use immediately and the knowledge of how to use them. Each workshop will b=
e preceded by an introductory talk. No previous knowledge of open source so=
ftware or programming is needed but it would be helpful if to have some kno=
wledge of existing multimedia packages.

There will be a public exhibition of the students� work on Saturday
For course details please go to www.lighthouse.org.uk

Derek Holzer was born in USA and now lives in the Netherlands. He is a sou=
nd and radio artist with a background in free radio, net.radio and streamin=
g media technologies. He was involved with some of the first net.radio expe=
riments in Hungary (Pararadio) and Czech Republic (Radio Jeleni). He has al=
so worked with Re-lab, a net.radio group in Latvia who gradually shifted th=
eir focus towards broader issues of 'acoustic spaces' and networked audio c=
ommunications. In August 2001, Derek participated in the Acoustic Space Lab=
, which brought together an international team of 30 sound artists, communi=
ty radio activists, and scientists to experiment with a 32 meter antenna, r=
ecording sounds and data from planets, communication satellites and the sur=
rounding environment. Recently, his work has focused on capturing and trans=
forming small, unnoticed sounds from various natural and urban locations, o=
n the electromagnetic resonances in our everyday environment, as well as th=
e use of free software such as Linux and Pure-Data. This course will contin=
ue a series of workshops and lectures given throughout Europe, the US and t=
he UK.

Aymeric Mansoux is a French digital artist and author of pure-data tutorial=
s and articles for MusicRun. He is also co-founder of Goto10, an organizati=
on dedicated to set up and produce electronic live events.

For more information please contact Dr. Garrett Monaghan, Head of Digital =
Arts - garrett@lighthouse.org.uk