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The Gulag Archipelago

I keep seeing the US government system of offshore and third country
prison camps (Guantanamo, Baghram, etc), secret prison camps and that
euphemism, 'rendition', referred to as the US 'gulag' or 'archipelago'
(The Guantanamo Gulag, the Pentagon Archipelago) but seldom as the
'gulag archipelago', which is of course the title of Alexander
Solzhenitsyn's expose of the Soviet system of prison camps.
I thought I'd go back and re-read The Gulag Archipelago, as I hadn't
read it for over twenty years. I had come to a view of Solzhenitsyn as a
dour humourless right-wing dinosaur, but re-reading Gulag Archipelago, I
find I'm quite wrong and he's really very funny, if funny is something
you can be about such a system. I guess he uses dry humour to point up
the endless absurdities of the system.
This also speaks powerfully to the UK situation, with our 'little Gitmo,
Belmarsh' and our appeals systems that lead nowhere and our supreme
court decrying the system, which the politicians just ignore.

Anyway, I'm constantly struck at how alike the basic system in the
Soviets was with the 'legal' setup in the US today. Not of course that
I'm suggesting that the US is managing to kill millions of its detainees
(though how of course would we know?). Maybe it will all come out one
day. Where is the US Solzhenitsyn?

In the Engine Room (edited version)

Real scope entered the picture with the twenties, when /permanently/
operating /Troikas -- /panels of three operating behind closed doors --
were created to bypass the courts permanently. In the beginning they
even flaunted it proudly. Not only did they not conceal the names of the
members, they publicized them. Yes, and what a word it was, in fact --
/troika!/ It bore a slight hint of sleigh bells on the shaft bow; the
celebration of Shrovetide; and, interwoven with all this, a mystery Why
"troika"? What did it mean? After all, a court wasn't a quartet either!
And a Troika wasn't a court! And the biggest mystery of all lay in the
fact that it was kept out of sight. We hadn't been there. We hadn't seen
it. All we got was a piece of paper. Sign here! The Troika was even more
frightening than a Revolutionary Tribunal. it set itself even farther
apart, muffle itself up, locked itself in a separate room, and -- soon
-- concealed the names of its members. Thus we grew used to the idea
that the Troika members didn't eat or drink or move about amoug ordinary
people. Once they had isolated themselves in order to go into session,
they were shut off for good, and all we knew of them were the sentences
handed out through typists.
These Troikas satisfied a persistent need that had arisen: never to
allow those arrested to return to freedom. If it turned out that someon
was innocent and could therefore not be tried at all, then let him have
his "minus 32" via the Troika -- which meant he couldn't live in any of
the provincial capitals -- or let him spend two or three years in exile,
after which he would have a convict's clipped ear, would always be a
marked man, and, from then on, a recidivist.
(Please forgive us, reader. We have once more gone astray with this
rightist opportunism -- this concept of "guilt", and of the guilty or
innocent. It has, after all, been explained to us that /the heart of the
matter is not personal guilt, but social danger/'. One can imprisin an
innocent person if he is socially hostile. And one can release a guilty
man if he is socially friendly.)
Up to 1924 the authority of the Troika was limited to sentences of three
years, maximum. From 1924 on, they moved up to five years of camp; from
1937 on, the OSO could turn out "ten ruble bills"; after 1948, they
could rivet a "quarter" -- twenty-five years -- on you. And there are
people who know that during the war years the OSO even sentenced
prisoners to execution by shooting. Nothing unusual about this.
The OSO was nowhere mentioned in either the Constitution or the Code.
However, it turned out to be the most convenient kind of hamburger
machine -- easy to operate, undemanding, and requiring no legal
lubrication. The Code existed on its own, and the OSO existed on its
own, and it kept ondeftly grinding without all the Code's 205 articles,
neither invoking them nor even mentioning them. As they used to joke in
camp: "There is no court for nothing -- for that there is an OSO."

Of course, the OSO itself also needed for onvenience some kind of
operational shorthand, but for that purpose it worked out on its own a
dozen "letter" articles which made operations very much simpler. It
wasn't necessary, when they were used, to cudgel your brains trying to
make things fit the formulations of the Code. And they were few enough
to be easily remembered by a child.

ASA -- Anti-Soviet Agitation
KRD -- Counter-Revolutionary Activity
KRTD -- Counter-Revolutionary Trotskyite Activity
PSh -- Suspicion of Espionage
SVPSh -- Contacts Leading to Suspicion of Espionage
KRM -- Counter-Revolutionary Thought
VAS -- Dissemination of Anti-Soviet Sentiments
SOE -- Socially Dangerous Element
SVE -- Socially Harmfull Element
PD -- Criminal Activity (a favourite accusation against former camp
inmates if there was nothing else to be used against them)
And then finally, there was the very expansive category:
ChS -- Member of a Family (of a person convicted under one of the
foregoing "letter" categories)

There is one more qualification. The OSO did not claim to be handing
down a /sentence/. It did not sentence a person but, instead, /imposed
an administrative penalty/. And that was the whole thing in a nutshell.
Therefore it was, of course, natural for it to have juridicial independence!
But even though they did not claim that the administrative penalty was a
court sentence, it could be up to twenty-five years. Thus, a person
could disappear from the face of the earth with the help of the OSO even
more reliably than under the terms of some primitive court sentence.
The OSO enjoyed another important advantage in that its penatly could
not be appealed. Thee was nowhere to appeal to. There was no appeals
jurisdiction above it, and no jurisdiction beneath it. It was
subordinate only to the Minister of Internal Affairs, to Stalin, and to
Another advantage the OSO had was speed. This speed was limited only by
the technology of typewriting.
And, last but not least, not only did the OSO not have to confront the
accused face to face, which lessened the burden on inter-prison
transport: it didn't even have t have his photograph. At a tim when the
prisions were badly overcrowded, this was a great additional advantage
because the prisoner did not have to take up space on the prison floor,
or eat free bread once his interrogation had been completed. He could be
sent off to camp immmediately and put to honest work. The copy of the
sentence could be read to him much later.


Their primary and principal distinguishing feature was closed doors.
They were first of all /closed courts/ -- for their own convenience.
And by now we have become so accustomed to the fact that millions and
millions of people were tried in closed sessions an dhave become used to
this for so long that now and then some mixed-up son, brother, or nephew
of a prisoner will even snort at you with conviction: "And what would
you have wanted? ... There's /information/ here. Our enemies will find
out! You can't do it!"
Thus the fear that our "enemies" will find out makes us clamp our head
between our own knees. Who in our Fatherland, except some bookworms,
remembers how that Karakozov, who fired at the Tsar, was provided with a
defense lawyer? Or that Zhelyabov and all the Narodnaya Volya group were
tried in public, without any fear that the "Turks would find out"?

Ivan Pope

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The 'Long Tail' of Contemporary Art

This is a repost of something I wrote for my blog Absent Without
Leave http://blog.ivanpope.com

The 'Long Tail' of Contemporary Art

January 10, 2005 What Envelops Me

The concept of the 'Long Tail' (LT) has suddenly become commonplace
across the networks. The Long Tail can be simplistically described as
the mass of product that is suddenly available to the mass of consumers
due to the effect of computer power and computer networks. For example,
in music it used to be almost impossible for musicians and bands who
didn't have contracts with major record labels to get their albums made
and distributed. Now, the combination of access to cheap reproduction
technology (including no-cost download systems), distribution via
networks, online payment systems and, crucially, an efficient word of
mouth recommendation structure, more and more 'unknown' music is selling
to more and more consumers. Record companies shriek that they are being
ripped off, when it is more likely that consumers have gone elsewhere to
find music that really appeals to them.

As we become more and more confident with the networks and we learn to
use tools, such as blogs and their associated management systems, that
give us constant interaction, the Long Tail of almost any area becomes
evident and valuable. There is also an element of trust and belief. The
first wave of recommendation sites were almost universally distrusted.
Why would you believe someone who had a vested interest in recommending
Now we've all moved on. We have gotten to know how networks of sites
work, and to recognise authority, even without using tools such as
Technorati <http://www.technorati.com/>. Chris Anderson at The Long Tail
on how Blogs are becoming key players in the LT recommendation game.

/Blogs are shaping up to be an equally powerful source of influential
recommendations. There are independent enthusiast sites such as PVRblog
and Horticultural (an organic gardening blog), commercial blogs such as
Gizmodo and Joystiq, and then the random recommendations of whichever
blogger you happen to read for any reason (there does seem to be a
natural connection between mavens, who know a lot and like to share
their knowledge, and blogging). What they may lack in polish and scope,
they more than make up in credibility: their readers know that there is
a real person there that they can trust./

So the Long Tail is when massive inventory can be made available to the
mass of consumers at minimal additional cost or effort. It's about
routing around bottlenecks and opening up supply to meet the demand.
Most industries have some form of artificial bottleneck, created over
time by the industry itself, the better to manage and assure profit. The
art world is notorious for this, from the creation and support of a
'superstar' system, to management of access to magazines, galleries, art
schools, agents, curators, museums, public venues and auction houses.
The glamorous world of contemporary art, with its round of international
festivals, prizes, exhibitions, collectors and top galleries, carries a
huge Long Tail. For every artist who makes a living through the gallery
system, there are hundreds or even thousands who carry on making art
alongside other ways of making a living.
Historically this Long Tail of art either suffered in silence or
attempted to make some return on their investment by selling through
local galleries. However, local galleries, by their very nature, will
never reach a sizable potential customer base. And a global customer
base which must by definition be fairly huge, can never find the artists
that move them and in whose work they may want to invest. Thus, a
classic Long Tail exists, swinging behind the small body that is
contemorary art.

It's not really that all the artists who currently struggle with a day
job or a teaching job and who make art on the side, who still dream of
'making it', will suddenly be able to quit their jobs and move full time
into the studio. It's that there exists a huge Long Tail of art and
artists, and there are countless opportunities to start to convert this
tail into sales, into collectors. A support system for the contemporary
art Long Tail is building by the week.

Since I have been blogging my art regularly I have noticed a lot more
artist blogs arriving on a regular basis. The more artists that blog,
the more regular reading there is for the non-artist public. The more
popular blogs are, the more likely people are to read artists blogs. The
more artists and curators and gallery workers and museum staff and
writers and teachers blog, the more power the movement will have against
the usual art press. No Artforum can cover more than a tiny subset of
the global exhibition scene. This have historically given them vast
power, a power that is guarded and welcomed by the equally bottlenecked
gallery system.

A global system of public writing about local art scenes, multiple
reports of high end art events, individual artists, collectors and
general public all blogging away, will create an alternative ecosystem
to the established art industry. This has obviously been happening for
years to some degree, with online galleries, individual sales sites and
collective endeavours springing up. But the critical underpinnings of
these endeavours has not been there - and it is hard for consumers to
find, let alone believe in, these outlets without a thriving media that
is intimately related to and interested in these projects.

Now we can see that the combination of blogging and online galleries may
give rise to a new ecosystem of art. The Long Tail of art may be about
to be exposed.

Ivan Pope

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Protest Censorship

Theatre ends play in Sikh protest
*A play which led to violent protests among the Sikh community in
Birmingham has had its run cancelled by the city's Repertory Theatre. *

The theatre said it had refused to censor the work and was abandoning it
purely on health and safety grounds.

Three police officers were hurt during clashes after 400 demonstrators
gathered outside on Saturday.

Protesters said Behzti, which depicts sex abuse and murder in a temple,
portrayed the Sikh faith negatively.

The theatre said the "ugly" violence had caused free speech to be curbed.

Stuart Rogers, the executive director of the Rep, told a press
conference that the decision had been taken after discussions with
police and Sikh community leaders on Monday morning.

Mr Rogers said: "The theatre vigorously defends its right to produce
Behzti and other similar high-quality plays that deal with contemporary
issues in a multicultural society.

"We sincerely hope that the play will be produced again as we are
certain that it is a work that should be seen and discussed.

"It remains a matter of great concern to us that illegal acts of
violence can cause the cancellation of a lawful artistic work."

A spokesman for the Sikh community in Birmingham, Councillor Chaman Lal,
predicted there would have been larger protests had the play's run

He said: "The theatre has made the right decision in response to a
peaceful protest.

"There are no winners or losers - common sense has prevailed."

Cllr Lal did not accept that the theatre had bowed to the threat of
violence and mob rule.


"We have nothing against freedom of speech, but you do not make a
mockery of someone's faith or beliefs. That is oppression."

Earlier, the theatre said short of "blatant censorship" and cancelling
the production, it could not have done more to appease the Sikh community.

Behzti, which translates as "dishonour", was written by a young female
Sikh, Gurpreet Kaur Bhatt, and was said to have been inoffensive to many
among a younger generation of Sikhs.

However, religious leaders, including the Roman Catholic Diocese of
Birmingham, had urged a boycott of the play.

Three people were arrested in connection with Saturday's demonstration.

The theatre said some protesters managed to get backstage, where they
smashed equipment and destroyed a foyer door.

Mr Rogers added that the Rep's other production, The Witches, would be
staged as usual.

Ivan Pope

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Re: Re: Jacir Exhib. Goes Forward

Hey, success and honour. I feel well chuffed tonight. Everyone seems to
have realised the hornets nest they were stumbling into. I even think
the MKJF come out of it looking like sensitive sensible people.
Some people in this discussion had the attitude, 'hey, leave it be, its
the sticks, it's power, it's money, let it run its course, don't interfere'.
Well, I think we can see how this thing works and it makes me pleased.
Maybe we should all send everyone our congratulations for sorting the
thing out :-)

> Thursday, December 16, 2004
> Emily Jacir Exhibition to Proceed without Conditions
> Wichita State University has announced that the Emily Jacir exhibition
> scheduled to run January 20 - March 6, 2005, at the Ulrich Museum of
> Art will do so without any conditions.
> Elizabeth King, Vice President for University Advancement, released
> the following statement late this afternoon:
> Wichita State University is aware of the discussion generated by the
> scheduled exhibition of work by artist Emily Jacir at the Ulrich
> Museum of Art. The University is committed to going forward with the
> exhibition without conditions or limitations that could be considered
> to compromise the integrity of Ms. Jacir's work as an artist. The
> University appreciates the widespread interest in the artist and the
> exhibition.
> Judy Press, Executive Director of the Mid-Kansas Jewish Federation,
> said yesterday that members of her group had seen images of Jacir's
> works on the Internet and had objected to what they perceived to be
> the single-sidedness of the exhibition. "The work focuses on the
> inability of Palestinians to travel freely, and it blames Israel for
> that inability. But it does not explain why Israel must take these
> measures," Press said.
> The Federation had asked the University to display additional
> information about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to balance the
> presentation. "We made a request to the University, and we are under
> the impression at this point that this was not an appropriate
> request," Press said. "We did not realize that this was considered
> inappropriate or infringing on the artist's rights. We need to not ask
> for that if it is not appropriate."
> David Butler, Director of the Ulrich Museum, said this afternoon, "I'm
> relieved that we are doing the right thing, and I am happy this has
> been resolved. I have not spoken with Emily yet, but I hope she will
> be pleased as well."