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In 2007 island6 Arts Center, under the artistic direction of Thomas Charveriat & Zane Mellupe, founded Liu Dao, a collective of six Chinese artists (Yang Longhai 杨龙海, Wu Yandan 吴艳丹, Wang Dongma 王东马, Zhang Deli 张德丽, Zou Susu 邹林峰, Rose Tang 罗丝唐).

Liu Dao is an electronic and interactive art group where artists and technologists actively engage with culture, addressing the issues and concerns of our time.

Liu Dao challenges convention, encourages collaboration and celebrates the hack. Liu Dao explores the cultural potential in the convergence of art, technology and science, and their discovery is applied toward the benefit of the artist community.
Interaction is generated in the environment but also within the art pieces. The use of technology such as sensors, motion-tracking devices, GPRS modem controlled videos, sonar rangefinders or "Arduino" microcontrollers are utilized to create interactive pieces that challenge current digital interfaces and interactivity solutions and develop new forms of expression through new media technologies. Liu Dao produces interactive installations, electronic art, performance and multimedia shows in Shanghai. The curatorial program reflects new cultural roles for visual and sound art, and the confluence of tradition and technology.

island6 Arts Center promotes artists by addressing the public, supporting digital research and experimentation, developing collaborative projects with partners and contacts worldwide, and maintaining informative websites on the history and current practice of electronic art in China.
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"The Secret Collection of Yüan Meng Ch'ien"

Wed Sep 05, 2012 00:00 - Wed Oct 31, 2012

Shanghai, China

“I see… a cage. There is life, but it is trapped, trapped in a dark enclosure… It tries, but cannot escape...”
“I see a howling dog that becomes king. I see a doll that dances with broken limbs. I see countless staring eyes. I see clouds of ravenous butterflies of a thousand colors. I see pulsating lights. I see fear. I see pain, strife and yearning as deep as an abyss.”

40 years on, Yüan Meng Ch'ien, the sole heir to his family’s vast fortune, is still haunted by his ill-fated sojourn to the spirit world. Terrified of losing his life and wealth to unnamed, unseen forces of evil, he surrounds himself with the most bizarre talismans, trinkets and thingamajigs. Curios, knick-knacks, gadgets and gizmos, specimens of flora and fauna both alive and dead, crowd the rooms of his mansion and spill into the hallways and living room.
In 2012, through a peculiar fluke of fate, the island6 art collective inherited Yüan Meng Ch'ien’s breath-taking, jaw-dropping collection of oddities. In a never-before-exhibited display, island6 made plans to present "island of Oddities: The Yüan Meng Ch'ien Collection" in July.
However, just before the "island of Oddities" show was due to launch on Friday, 13th July 2012, the island6 art collective was faced with strange and never-before-encountered problems. Two crates of the collection were inexplicably held up at customs. Once-sturdy frames cracked. A trusty computer crashed. Two artworks fell off the wall. An important supplier fell ill.
Is it pure coincidence or something foreboding?
Modern, progressive-minded people - an electronic art collective, no less - should not believe in jinxes, hexes and the like. And yet...
Still, a series of events have led the collective to give the semi-aborted show a second go. The chief event being the unearthing of another chest of oddities in the attic of Yüan's brooding mansion by a member of the City Council. This latest collection, containing all manner of depravities, gives us yet another glimpse into the twisted mind of an extremely disturbed individual.

And so, in the darker sequel to "island of Oddities", island6 presents "The Secret Collection of Yüan Meng Ch'ien", where Liu Dao continues to showcase its signature fusion of traditional Chinese paper cutting, state-of-the-art LEDs, photography and video, as well as brand-new sculptural pieces. Behind whispers, closed doors and shuttered windows, we are collectively invited to plumb the depths of our perversions, obsessions and hidden desires.



Fri May 15, 2009 00:00 - Wed Apr 22, 2009




Island6 is proud to announce the opening of “Pi” on 03/21/2009 featuring conceptual artist Danamza (France) in an open collaboration with the Liu Dao Cooperative.
Danamza’s artistic creation encapsulates a magnification of principles grounded in a metaphysical investigation. For this exhibition, he has sought to investigate the parameters of sensorial perception and graphic dimensions in the creation of eighteen unique site-specific artworks intended for the Shanghai audience. Pi: Infinitude is a definition in terms of the artists’ obsessive passion and unrelenting pursuit of perfection.

Art Director: Danamza / Zane Mellupe

©photo:Zane Mellupe

Venue: Gallery - 50 Moganshan Road, bld #6, 2F, Shanghai