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In 2007 island6 Arts Center, under the artistic direction of Thomas Charveriat & Zane Mellupe, founded Liu Dao, a collective of six Chinese artists (Yang Longhai 杨龙海, Wu Yandan 吴艳丹, Wang Dongma 王东马, Zhang Deli 张德丽, Zou Susu 邹林峰, Rose Tang 罗丝唐).

Liu Dao is an electronic and interactive art group where artists and technologists actively engage with culture, addressing the issues and concerns of our time.

Liu Dao challenges convention, encourages collaboration and celebrates the hack. Liu Dao explores the cultural potential in the convergence of art, technology and science, and their discovery is applied toward the benefit of the artist community.
Interaction is generated in the environment but also within the art pieces. The use of technology such as sensors, motion-tracking devices, GPRS modem controlled videos, sonar rangefinders or "Arduino" microcontrollers are utilized to create interactive pieces that challenge current digital interfaces and interactivity solutions and develop new forms of expression through new media technologies. Liu Dao produces interactive installations, electronic art, performance and multimedia shows in Shanghai. The curatorial program reflects new cultural roles for visual and sound art, and the confluence of tradition and technology.

island6 Arts Center promotes artists by addressing the public, supporting digital research and experimentation, developing collaborative projects with partners and contacts worldwide, and maintaining informative websites on the history and current practice of electronic art in China.
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Bark! Hop! Swim! Repeat.

Wed Sep 03, 2014 11:00 - Sun Nov 02, 2014

Shanghai, China

Join us at our Garden gallery space in the M50 art district in Shanghai for our latest exhibition "Bark! Hop! Swim! Repeat", a meditation on perceptions of time and the animal kingdom. Physics, time dilation, relativity - unlike us, animals don’t waste time defining time. Humans have become so obsessed with the construct of time that individual moments are lived just for the sake of being recounted. Taking the time to tweet #liveinthenow means that you’ve already missed the “now.” In contrast, Kingdom Animalia lolls around in a constant state of now. A free exhibition. From 3 September 2014 until 2 November 2014.


Overload: A Tale Of Officide

Wed Sep 25, 2013 00:00 - Thu Nov 28, 2013

“Overload: A Tale of Officide” offers up the island6 specialty of electronic cheeky nods and LED playful pokes which reflect upon life. This time it focuses its light hearted lens on the very serious side of business, through exploring the absurdity of office workplace stereotypes. It is estimated that the average human being spends 90,000 hours of their lifetime at work1- that’s 10 years without a coffee break. And that figure is only inclusive of the amount of hours actually spent in the office, not the time spent recovering from stress, the late night e-mails sent or the over time worked. Seeing as we spend so much time physically and mentally occupied by work, island6 HK’s prerogative is to serve some food for thought when it comes to the world of work.


Through the Wormhole

Fri Oct 18, 2013 18:00

Shanghai, China

island6 Arts Center is proud to present “Through the Wormhole”, a continuation of the show “Temporal Visions”. Going beyond notions of temporality and timelessness, Liu Dao has set out to find the wormhole that connects the many lives of a Shanghai past. As you saunter through the latest exhibition at island6, one will be transported back to the far-off and away days of a Shanghai glitzy golden era. A period that Liu Dao no doubt draws considerable inspiration from, the 1920’s and 30’s provide a myriad of decadent imagery and sensuous charm. Smitten by the opulence and indulgence of the time, the island6 creative portal is transformed into a picture of the past, recreating the bold, unique beauty of a long from forgotten era.

The exhibition opens on October 18th and lasts until the 11th of December, 7 days a week, 10-7 pm.

Join us from 6 to 9 pm on October 18th and be transported back in time- put on your felt hat and your glitzy qipao and let us lead you into a den of debaucherous pleasure, swinging jazz and Shanghai-style indulgence.


Need. Want. Hunt in Hong Kong

Thu Mar 28, 2013 18:00 - Sun May 19, 2013

Hong Kong, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China

Need. Want. Hunt"
March 28th- May 19th
Opening Party-March28th 6pm

After the exciting and provocative opening of our first show of 2013, Need. Want. Hunt, in Shanghai, we are excited to extend the exhibition to our Hong Kong home for its opening on March 28th! Please join us as we bring in the year of the snake with a tantalizing new show celebrating intuition, impulse and survival.

Instincts and hunches drive and propel us to interact with and fight our surroundings, yet our modern etiquettes have clouded these impulses in favor of a more ‘refined’ and calculated approach. As Freud noted in his essays entitled On Instinct and Morality ‘It is impossible to overlook the extent to which civilization is built upon a renunciation of instinct’.1 Our chaotic and frenetically growing cities, the fervor of the Hong Kong streets, philosophical dilemmas, social and romantic obligations are all impacted one way or another with an instinctual urge to chase, to fight and to defeat that which is causing our stress. Even Tristan Tzara speaks about such concerns in his 1922 Lecture on Dada that expresses his disgust with ‘a false form of domination and restriction that dissuades rather than appeases man’s instinct of domination’.2

At Island6 we have certainly not abjured from our primal urges, in fact we are celebrating and reveling in our desire to NEED to WANT and to HUNT. We are after all, genetically hard-wired to breed and succeed in our modern Stone (or Concrete) Age environment. However, is there an illusion or prejudice that we possess a more complete intuition of reality than we really do? Intuition is crucial to artistic creation. It is something that should be encouraged, powered and harnessed. Even Nietzsche regarded instinct as ‘the most intelligent type of intelligence discovered so far.’3 It is possessed and honored by our greatest artists, musicians, soldiers and statesmen. Need. Want. Hunt is a celebration of these individuals and their actions. Nonetheless, many of us choose to ignore these Pavlovian responses and impulses. Why do we stifle those gut-wrenching urges and tingling inclinations? Have we been forced to forget the ways of our ancestors and delve into a world of superstition, devotion and materialistic hoarding?

Strip away all the myths and the human mind is still driven by the impulsive need to survive and to engage in pleasurable activities. We are all a chaotic medley of instinctual drives, culturally acquired instructions and individual experiences. Where do you fit in? Are you swayed and encouraged by the siren song of your gut and the free flight of imagination or do you filter your impulses in favor of a more “civilized’ reaction? You know where we stand on the issue.

The pieces selected for Need. Want. Hunt encapsulate the fervor, change and tension of the bustling ‘Pearl of the Orient’ in a myriad of new works that will hopefully inspire you to unleash and value your own primal inclinations. By exploring these themes in through photography, video, animation, sculpture, LED, and neon art works, Lu Dao presents our take on modern survival in a world oversaturated with facts, figures and pretension, a place where our senses have been malnourished and undervalued. Please join us on March 28th to celebrate the inaugural show of 2013 and inspire your senses to set themselves free!


Need. Want. Hunt.

Thu Jan 24, 2013 18:00 - Sun Mar 24, 2013

Shanghai, China

The artists of Liu Dao tempt you to tease the triggers of your instinct in island6's first exhibition for 2013: Need. Want. Hunt.

On island6 we relish the chase and the fight. When it comes to survival in the rugged terrain of the Big City, two clans have evolved: those that listen to instinct and have the courage to saddle up with it, and those who tether it to the wagon of “shoulds” and “musts” behind them. At a time when many people are putting down their bows and following the passive path of the herbivore - driven by the rational and traditional, we dare you to draw your bow taught, send instinct’s arrow flying and sink your teeth into a hunk of raw impulse and intuition, we think you’ll be well nourished by it!

As members of the instinctive clan (some would say savages, but we’re just misunderstood), Liu Dao’s artists invite you to roam with us on a safari through our directional drivers to explore what aspects of the modern eco-system are endangering this precious species, instinct. Attacked by the wildebeests of government and legal regulation, poached for its tusks by tradition and customs, scorched by the rays of religion and proliferating ideologies and drowned in the flood of information and knowledge that has swelled over centuries, it is increasingly rare to catch a glimpse of this creature that could once be found in abundance at our core. So many “good” reasons to tame our instincts that we find people shackled by inertia when instinct tells them to run, to taste, to try.

In Need. Want. Hunt. we see following instinct as a vital sign. In a creative sphere, it is the inspiration to take a different turn, with fresh potential as explosive as the first burst of paint spattered from a Paleolithic artist’s full mouth onto rock. On a daily basis, instinct offers cut-through, the ultimate filter in an oversaturated environment of mixed messages, infinite choice and vast amounts of gathered intelligence. It offers clear direction from an honest source. And more, instinct is our interface with the tangible; it connects us to the immediacy of the moment, not “the plan” or the outdated edition of “the facts”.

It is moments, plucked from the crests and crooked cracks of Shanghai, that Liu Dao’s interactive artworks capture and twist. Through its signature blend of video, animation, photography, sculpture, neon and LED art, the collective breaks the static and plays with the endings of everyday tales. From the top storeys of skyscrapers to the rubble of construction zones, Liu Dao’s characters are given their own volition to move where they will within the settings of new and old town, beckoning the viewer to create their own connection that crosses the brush steel frame’s divide.

In our first exhibition for 2013, the Liu Dao collective tempts you to tease the triggers of your instinct. And there is no better testing ground than Shanghai, a city that forces you to switch on and sharpen up. Thrown into the commotion of every kind of engine and local caterwauling, dodging obstacles hurtling at you from every direction and competing with heaving masses of people scaling the spectrum of subsistence to opulence, you need to be alert to thrive on these streets. In a place fuelled by people “getting away with it”, we scour the teeming landscapes for tracks, signals, flashing sirens that give us hints: Where’s the flare set off high above the “next right” we are supposed to take? Where’s the road marking that keeps us from the curb?

Drop by island6, see where your instincts tell you to run.