Isabel Valverde
Since 2008
Works in Lisboa Portugal

Isabel Valverde is a performer, interdisciplinary choreographer and researcher originally from Portugal. Ph.D. in Dance History and Theory from U.C. Riverside, supported by the Foundation for Science and Technology/PRAXIS XXI (Portugal), her dissertation is titled “Interfacing Dance and Technology: a theoretical framework for performance in the digital domain”, (publication forthcoming by FCG/FCT). Isabel is continuing her research as a post-doctoral fellow of the E.U./ F.C.T. affiliated with the Institute for Humane Studies and Intelligent Sciences, the Visualization and Intelligent Multimodal Interfaces Group (VIMMI/INESC-ID/IST/UTLisboa), College of Social and Humanities Sciences/UNLisboa, and Lusófona University of Arts and Technologies. Isabel holds a MA in Interdisciplinary Arts from the Inter-Arts Center, San Francisco State University, with a Fulbright/I.I.E. fellowship. Her dance studies include the Licenciatura in Dance from the FMH/UTLisboa, and diploma from the School for New Dance Development/Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, under the ERASMUS Fellowship Program.
Developing experimental solo and collaborative performance work since1986, Isabel performed in Portugal, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Paris. Since 2002 she develops My Fado Dance: What Portugueseness?, a work-in-process transcultural solo using Portuguese Fado music, and video interaction. Towards the familiarization with new embodiments and human interactions as well as the continuum of actualization and virtualization, Isabel has been collaborating in participatory responsive and interactive environment projects, such as Blind Date, a participatory multimodal environment, with Y. Melanitis (Monaco Dance Forum 2002, 2006), IN TOUCH, a mixed reality performance based on costumed made touch sensor wearables, with V. Zordan, K. Chi, V. Sundar, P. Chagas, (first prototype performed at Siggraph 2005 - Cyberfashion Show, Los Angeles), and more recently working collaboratively in works, such asTouch Terrain, with Melanitis (MDF, 2006), BlobDance with A. Moura, and Real Virtual Games with Todd Cochrane, A. Caramelo, Ru•mor• and others.