IonWays is the North American exclusive importer of Emco Tech (Jupiter Science) water ionizers. Emco Tech is by far Asia`s largest water ionizer manufacturer. Its Research and Development facility in Japan, with a staff of twenty PhD level researchers, produces the most technically advanced, efficient and durable ionizers - always accomplishing more with less.

IonWays ionizers offer more certifications and were the first to be certified to UL and CSA electrical safety standards, ISO, CE, RoHS and Korean FDA. Some ionizers on the market are sold without any electrical certification - so buyer beware. IonWays is the ONLY Water Ionizer Wholesaler to have "Green" Manufacturing, qualified by the ISO Environmental Management System Certificate 14001:2004. IonWays was the first USA importer to offer any type of lifetime warranty.

IonWays manufacturer has been making ionizers since 1982 and builds exclusively for such companies as Samsung, LG, Toyo and Hyundai. Most other companies are just assemblers - getting water cells from China, Taiwan and elsewhere.

AlkaViva is an authorized Ionways Distributor retailing water ionizers in the USA, Canada and many countries worldwide. AlkaViva's staff represents over twenty years combined ionizer experience - more than any other water ionizer business in the USA.

AlkaViva brings you the highest quality ionizers at honest prices plus employs a team of trained water professionals to help you with your unique water needs and to be there for any ongoing support. AlkaViva is part of the IonWays family of distributors providing business opportunities to hundreds of retailers and home based entrepreneurs in the USA, Canada and South America.

AlkaViva is the only ionizer company to have maintained for years an A+ ranking with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).? Plus we offer you a Verisign Secured shopping cart for your total protection.

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