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call for submissions

Sun Mar 12, 2006 12:30

Wake Up Call, a public art project utilizing telephony as it's exhibition medium, is currently seeking submissions. Exhibition rus through Jan '07, deadline for submissions is May 1st '06.

The piece is loosely based on a hotel wake up call service; other inspirations for the piece include robotic automatic dialing and the cultural signal to noise ratio it has produced. It is not created and subsequently distributed (the traditional mode) but rather created via its distribution, manifested in its use by the public. Wake Up call is interactive and audience generated in that users select an individual artistic work, schedule the call (that day or up to a year in advance), and provide their own anonymous text message. Software agents store this information and complete the process through automated dialing and text to speech computer conversion. The work combines the choices of the audience, the message of the audience, digital text to speech technology, and audio pieces by participating artists. The final landscape of the art work is drawn symbiotically through the cooperation of artists, art piece, and the audience.

Wake Up Call is currently accepting submissions of any art work able to be transmitted through telephony. All genres will be considered; no thematic, content based or stylistic requirements need be met though the works will undergo a juried process. For example, already accepted to the site are spoken word pieces, classical cello, improvisational jazz, and experimental/noise sound art works. Please see the website for technical specifications:


Alexi Morrissey
Wake Up Call