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Digital Show 2 x Futuresonic 2007 - Call for Entries

Fri Apr 20, 2007 10:13

REMINDER that the deadline is April 30 2007
Full details at

The Successful ONLINE Exhibition of International Digital Art is Calling for Entries for May 2007 Exhibition

To be launched as part of Futuresonic 2007 in Manchester May 10th 2007
Call for Submissions (Deadline April 30th, 2007) is an International Digital Art website created by The intention is to show online-only exhibitions of high quality digital art. The first exhibition was held as part of the Independent Biennial Liverpool in 2006 with great success (see the Gallery pages) and this year for our 2nd show we have linked up with Futuresonic 2007 Urban Festival of Electronic Arts and Music in Manchester, UK. Entry is open to all worldwide

Digital Art for the purposes of this exhibition is defined as artwork that has been entirely or at least substantially created using computer software. e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter, Flash, 3ds Max, Maya, Bryce etc.
Still images only, no animations, videos or photographs.

What we are looking for is exciting, interesting painting and drawing rather than examples of your knowledge of the software tools, filters etc.
New work is preferred.

The Theme is ‘Psychedelia’. In 2007 the centrepiece of Futuresonic Live will be Futurevisual. This will be a homage to the 40th anniversary of seminal multimedia events in 1967 which, like Futuresonic, came not from film but a collision of music and art worlds. At events such as The 14 Hour Technicolor Dream and Games For May, and the UFO club, London's psychedelic underground exploded into the daylight. These were at the beginning of a year which saw a coming together of the worlds of music and visual art.
See for more information and examples.

This is not a competition and there is no money involved but there will be selection as the show is limited to 100 images. The exhibition will be shown online only and will be promoted through the network as well as the official Futuresonic websites and other online resources.