Iman Moradi
Since 2002
Works in United States of America

Iman Moradi, is a technologist and Lecturer living in the UK. He has a formal Persian education and has lived in Iran, Scotland and England for a number of years.

Recently he has been involved in writing a book on Glitch Art, with Tony Scott (aka Beflix)

His last academic paper was entitled Glitch Aesthetics and is available from,

Aside from the Glitch-alike his research interests include design, the paintings of francis bacon, alternative input devices and information aesthetics.
He maintains a semi regular blog at
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Glitch Book Call for submissions

Sun Mar 20, 2005 00:00

Contribution to book on ‘Visual Glitch Art and Aesthetics’ (Publisher/Date TBA) Current Submission Deadline 20th March 2005

The Visual Glitch, or the artefacts and visual manifestations of digital corruption have received less exposure in the classification and discourse of Art forms. Despite having a relatively significant presence, in commercial Design, Mainstream Films, Music Video and experimental Art Video, the Glitch Genre is synonymous with Audio Artists.

In seeking to accurately document the aura of techno-fetishism and Glitch appreciation we are looking for visual art submissions with the broad theme of ‘Visual Glitch Art and Aesthetics’ to be considered for inclusion in this book.

We are particularly interested in professional artists who use the glitch as a medium, to create visually intriguing or thought provoking works.

More information: