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Mon Nov 20, 2006 00:00 - Thu Nov 16, 2006

Everybody can remember the opening scene of Apocalypse Now. The jungle bombed with the Napalm. The history of the linear cinema narration ends here. In the shooting time lag, which is already the compressed history of the net. Next step: the outbreak of World Wide Web. WEBCINEMA. L'IMMAGINE CIBERNETICA is the new and pioneristic book of the Italian digi-journalist LUCA BARBENI, published by Costa&Nolan. Supplied with a glossary, as well as a sitegraphy and classic introduction of Nora Barry, the volume is an agile introduction to the synthetic narration of the NET ART panorama, and a practise guideline into the aesthetic of the “total communication”. A phenomenology of the digital body where "the antinomy between contemplation and action comes to fall" (p. 30), opening up to the ambient: The spectator actively contemplates the wide (open) web. The weft, the image, the spectator, the modularity, the automation, the variability, the isomorphism, the immersivity, the interface are the driving words of this hyper textual journey into the new shapes of the interactive show. The book includes a series of Ciak of some remarkable web films-maker, to illustrates the different cinematic experiences in the multimedia webcinema: (non)linear (, randomic (Philip Wood), ambient (Island8081), realtime (Wirefire), chat and mystery (Foreplay), game (Entropy8Zuper). Finally, a localized and Italian contribution to Videoblog: the TarantaVideoBlog by Antonio Rollo and Claudio Infante. Webcinema is a title which already imposes onto the contemporary media culture. An invitation to take part in the whole net art, in order to continue to be surprised by the infinite possible contacts. Waiting for the futures Coppola, Storaro, Morrison, Wagner and Susy Q creating the digital Redux. “Can you picture what will be/So limitless and free?”(ilari valbonesi, nov 2006)