Improvement Gateway Quality self improvement content A lot has been told about self-improvement lately; however most of self-improvement approaches only take into account one or two of the three vital areas to be developed in order to achieve self-realization.
You would only achieve self-realization if you promote a holistic approach towards self-improvement. All three vital areas, body, mind and soul must be balanced; otherwise you will fail to achieve your development goals.
holistic approach towards self improvement Body, Mind & SoulThere is no medicine alone that would help you to keep a healthy body. In order to keep your body in good shape all you need to do is to eat healthy food, practice exercises and sleep well.
There are a lot of techniques to help you achieve your mind development goals. Techniques such as mental photography help to improve your reading speed, memory and concentration. Being positive and using law of attraction techniques such as visualization e affirmations will help you to manifest positive results and achieve your dreams.
Last but not least meditation will turn you into a better person both spiritually and physically as through meditation you will be connected with your soul.