French artist based in Singapore. A Molecular Biologist (PhD, Edinburgh University UK, 1995) and Masters in Fine Arts (Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore 2010).

Since leaving the lab bench in 2000, Isabelle has divided her time between honing her artistic skills and teaching drawing and creative crafts to young children. Mostly self-taught, Isabelle’s art for the past 10 years ranges from expressive figure drawing, to printmaking and papier mâché sculpture. Re-using discarded material and recycling has always been at the core of her practice and teaching, believing in the power of transformation over creation.
During this time, science has always been in the background, informing the practice.
Since starting her Masters at Lasalle in August 2009, Isabelle’s research has, logically, been based on the “refuse”, the “leftovers”, the “failures” and their function in the process of scientific research. Isabelle’s art takes the form of videos, installations and lectures using elaborate techniques of ‘Pataphysics.
“To find beauty in Failure. To pursue Art as a Scientist, studying and questioning the process of scientific research… and then presenting the result of the research on research. Questioning the scientific method and the objectivity of science, I visit labs to find out how exactly science is being made. Like painters describe how they sees the world using paint, I describe what I see and feel using a variety of media. My favoured media are the ones scientists use themselves to communicate their findings: posters, papers, books and lectures….”