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SCANZ 2009 Raranga Tangata Symposium: Interconnections

Wed Oct 15, 2008 00:00

New Zealand

Intercreate research centre

SCANZ 2009 Raranga Tangata Symposium: Interconnections

Govett-Brewster Art Gallery
February 7th and 8th 2009
New Plymouth
Aotearoa New Zealand

Chaos theory, Complexity, Cybernetics, Post-structuralism
Pasifika, Aboriginal, Indigenous, Indian, Asian, Polynesian and Maori Knowledge and Belief systems

Proposal deadline: October 15th 2008

Further information: http://www.intercreate.org/scanz/symposium.html

We are seeking papers and artist presentations which interrogate, examine, tease, put forward, discuss, postulate, propose, analyse, synthesise, combine, hybridise, expound and tickle ideas around the above subjects.

The symposium will be held at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery on the final weekend of the SCANZ residency.

Papers will be considered for peer reviewed publication in the SCANZ book to follow the residency and symposium. Paper presentations at the symposium are expected to be 20 minutes, with an additional 10 minutes for discussion. The symposium is ‘all in’ - everyone will experience all sessions. Proposals for artist presentations are open in terms of format - we expect but do not limit proposals to documentation in the form of video, DVD, CD, animation, website, speech, text, image, software, code and Open Source projects.

October 15th 2008: Abstracts for papers or artist presentation abstracts due
January 19th: Full papers due for peer review
January 26th: SCANZ starts
Friday 30th January 2009: start of writers focus week
February 4th: pre-symposium writers arrive
February 7th and 8th 2009: Symposium - papers and presentations given
February 2010: Publication launch

Contact: Ian M Clothier i.clothier@witt.ac.nz

For more information: www.intercreate.org/scanz/symposium.html


SCANZ residency

Fri Jun 20, 2008 00:00

New Zealand


The SCANZ residency will take place in New Plymouth, Aotearoa New Zealand between January 26th 2009 and February 8th 2009. Project partners are the Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki, intercreate.org, the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery and Puke Ariki integrated museum and library.

The call is open to artists, curators, producers, writers and creatives.

SCANZ 2009 themes are Environmental Response and Participate/Display.

Along side the residency there will be exhibitions and events at the Govett-Brewster and Puke Ariki. Residency participants are not required to exhibit, but may submit an application to exhibit or conduct an event, if they choose.

A two day symposium, incorporating a curatorial forum, will be held on the 7th and 8th of February 2009 - a call for this will follow.

To apply go to the following url: intercreate.org/scanz. Review the information, download the applicable form and email it by 5pm Friday 20 June 2008 NZ time.

Places are limited.

Ian M Clothier
SCANZ team


Call for proposals: SCANZ

Sun Jun 19, 2005 22:59

Call for proposals: SCANZ (Solar Circuit Aotearoa New Zealand)

Url: http://www.witt.ac.nz/Content/sub/100005460.aspx

Planned for July 2006, SCANZ follows in the tradition of Solar Circuit and Polar Circuits. These events consisted of the gathering of diverse artists, curators and producers involved in contemporary practice with projects and activities intersecting the environment in some way.

Proposed dates and call for proposals:

The dates for the residency and workshop are 3 July - 16 July 2006. The submission process for projects is a two stage process. Stage one is a call for registration of interest, due Monday 18th July 2005. Stage two is a call for developed projects.

Registration of interest
Artists, curators and producers are invited to submit proposals for possible projects during the two-week workshop and residency. We are seeking projects that enhance a sense of community and/or identity by either:

a) being collaborative projects across hemispheres, between nations or cultures;


b) referencing environmental response - to Taranaki, Aotearoa, New Zealand and Pacific Ocean in terms of human, natural and technological environment.

Download the registration of interest rtf from the web page given above. Fill out the form and email it to: scanz@witt.ac.nz.

The registration of interest proposal should include a short general description of the project only (half page preferred, maximum one A4 page). Project specifics can be resolved in the second call. The registration of interest file should be saved and sent as an rtf file.

A CV should also be submitted, which provides information relevant to the proposal. The CV should also be saved as an rtf and include all contact details and url’s.

Up to three web suitable images (jpg or gif) can be submitted with the registration of interest, and video files up to 4Mb. This material should be related to the specific proposal rather than be samples of previous work.

Three themes are central to SCANZ:

1. Fostering a sense of community and translocal media environment by enhancing links between northern and southern hemisphere practitioners.

2. Providing time, space and a unique environment for media artists to workshop, research and collaborate on creative methodologies.

3. To create an opportunity for artists to work together over a given period of time to develop new artistic content exploring the relationship between media and practitioner's response to an environmentally unique location - Taranaki, Aotearoa New Zealand, South Pacific. Environment here refers to human, natural and technological environments and the integration of these into diverse creative forms.

Taranaki is significant in terms of human environment - it was the site for a peaceful protest movement under the guidance of Te Whiti, and important colonial events and clashes; home to Chew Chong who played an important role in business development regionally and nationally; and is the location of the mountain - Taranaki, part of Maori mythology and the second highest mountain peak in the North Island of Aotearoa New Zealand.

For further information, go to the web page.

Ian Clothier
Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki
New Plymouth
New Zealand Aotearoa


Re: Re: <nettime> The Ghost in the Network

What, then, do we make of theories of biocomplexity and swarm intelligence, which suggest that there is no 'queen' but only a set of localized interactions which self-organize into a whole swarm or colony?"

I suppose this may have been intended to be a rhetorical question, however there there is no tension between a relatively centralised (though not rigidly fixed) 'core' and self organization in complex systems for the simple reason that complex systems often require both.

Another way of expressing this is to say that linearity and nonlinearity are not mutally exclusive but rather both are required in multiplicities.

This point is significant because there is a need to address issues of internet intelligence (among other and wider issues) with multiplcities in mind - and that changes the model of discourse on points of contention from one where right and wrong are discerned, to one where right/wrong, wrong/right, right right and wrong wrong are parameters for discussion.

I don't think Aristotle had the wrong kind of animals, but rather that his position is in counterpoint to Deleuze, just as the authors said. This is a weaker point but one closer to the multiplicity.


multiple identities database

Call for data

The Research Centre for Non-Psychotic Multiple Identities
District of Leistavia
InterRepublic of Hybridia

The Research Centre for Non-Psychotic Multiple Identities {aka C4MIDs} is centrally funded by Leistavian ideology to explore multiplicity in identity. The Centre co-ordinates projects that assists, identifies and authenticates multiple identities.

Multiple identities database
The Multiple Identities Database (MIDs) gathers information about multiple identities. These are not unusual in the arts - Marcel Duchamp had Rose Selavy; Andy Warhol was aka Drella. New Zealand Aotearoa has a highly regarded one person collective: et al, consisting of merit groting, blanche readymade, p mule, minerva betts and others.

Information about people and their multiple identities is being collected by C4MIDs. Please email hybridia1@yahoo.com with data.

On account of privacy and related issues, the Centre reserves the right to monitor submitted information and if there is a complaint about data held in the register, it may be withdrawn.

Projects that the Centre co-ordinates fall into four main categories: hybrid identities, multiple identities, the multiple identities database and authenticating identities. The Centre is always interested to hear of proposals for projects.

Ian Clothier
District of Leistavia