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Please pass the salt, Bonneville Salt

No salt shaker can hold this 13 mile stretch of salt, but this past summer Wendover, Utah was a shaker itself!
A handful of people gathered to one mysterious location, unsure what was to be expected.

"What happens in the Great Basin, stays in the Great Basin", remarked Matthew Coolidge - Founder/Director of The Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI).

Luckily, there is a free DVD.

Recently released, "On the Edge of the Internal Fringe" is a spunky documentary that covered mischievious activites from John Brinton Hogan, Debby & Larry Kline, Christina McPhee, Richard Pell, Simparch, Brett Stalbaum & Paula Poole, Jesse Stiles, Deborah Stratman, and Igor Vamos, accessible here:

You'll be grateful that this documentary saved you from dehydration, heatstrokes, and salt caking your vehicles.

A few thankful people said:

"The beginning is full of energy and the ending is absolutely beautiful." - Issac Artenstein

"Simply hilarious, we love it!" - Larry and Debby Kline

"Surprising and unexpected throughout."

"Quirky and awkward!" - Brett Stalbaum