hunter parrish
Since 2010
Works in San Jose United States of America

Basically all I do with my time is w0rk and hang 0ut with friends. I will have fun d0ing just about anything it just depends 0n wh0 I am d0ing it with. But I am pretty easy g0ing.

I'm very stubb0rn but I'll usually try anything 0nce.

I enj0y rand0m crazy nights and g0ing for r0ad trips, 0r just driving ar0und t0wn. Traveling is pr0bably my favorite thing t0 d0, I'd like t0 see the wh0le w0rld 0ne day.

My life rev0lves ar0und w0rk, family and friends. I try t0 manage time f0r everything but I 0ften tend t0 get caught up in 0ne which is usually w0rk, and end up ruining the 0thers, unfortunately. But I am w0rking on it :)

I hate liars and pe0ple wh0 think they kn0w me better then I kn0w myself.

I am a really independent pers0n and never rely 0n any0ne else t0 d0 things f0r me 0r with me. I w0rk hard f0r anything I have and even harder f0r dreams/g0als.

ChEcK mY aRtiClEs...

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