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Call for Sculpture

Tue Feb 01, 2005 23:34

CALL FOR ARTISTS: Outdoor Sculpture

Hotcakes Gallery is seeking submissions for its outdoor sculpture garden. The area provides sculptors an opportunity to exhibit medium-scale works in the landscaped garden adjacent to the gallery. This opportunity is open to all professional artists as well as students pursuing undergraduate and advanced degrees. Artists should be familiar with the design, construction, and installation of outdoor sculpture. Works are exhibited on an annual basis from April through July. The postmark deadline to receive applications is February 28th each year for the following season. Artists are responsible for shipping costs to and from Hotcakes. Assistance with installation of the work will be provided upon request.

All work must be appropriate for outdoor exhibition and able to withstand varying weather conditions and strong winds. The sculptures will be exposed to interaction with the public. Work must be for sale and will be publicized in local and regional publications and on the website. Interested sculptors should submit:

• a letter of inquiry stating how the artist proposes to transport
and install the work,
• digital images or slides of 8-10 sculptures (no more than 20),
• image list identifying the artist’s name, titles of work, dates,
dimensions, medium (be specific about mixed-media) and prices.
Hotcakes’ standard commission is 40%
• a resume, and
• artist statement.

Hotcakes' Goal
Hotcakes Gallery shows contemporary installation and fine art created by local, national and international artists. Hotcakes provides patrons a comfortable environment to engage art that is affordable without compromising intellectual integrity.

What Affordable Means
Generally, artists provide the gallery with work in a broad price range. Every show in the gallery proper has work priced under $200. The sculpture garden is an exception, but keep in mind that Milwaukee has an economically diverse art buying population. Hotcakes embraces that, and seeks to grow the number of people buying art by providing an "entry point" to art collecting. Many people begin collecting art with a trip to Hotcakes.

The Work Itself
Hotcakes will not show a body of work that has been shown in Milwaukee before. Hotcakes is looking for new ideas and new work from artists. The gallery is also committed to only showing it's patrons work created by artists dedicated to a career making art.

Preferred Mediums
Hotcakes generally shows work by artists creating contemporary installations, paintings and outdoor sculpture. Please take a few minutes to surf through Hotcakes' website and see if you feel your work fits with the other work we show. Thank you.

There is no fee to apply. Digital submissions are preferred. More information, including images of Hotcakes’ sculpture garden are available at

Send submissions to:
Hotcakes Gallery
c/o Mike Brenner, Director
3379 N. Pierce St.
Milwaukee, WI 53212

Deadline:  February 28, 2005


Call for Compelling Contemporary Installation Art

Thu Mar 18, 2004 02:04

Hotcakes Gallery (3379 N. Pierce St., Milwaukee, WI) is now seeking compelling contemporary installation art from emerging and mid-career artists. Hotcakes will be doing a series of solo installation shows that run an average of 2 weeks. The first in the series will run June 4-13, 2004 & the second will run August 13-28, 2004. Artist will have 4 days (in the gallery) to set up and 2-3 days to tear down. Hotcakes' staff will be available to assist. Modest accommodations are available for out-of-town artists.

A PDF of the layout of the gallery can be found at:

Application deadline is April 1, 2004.
All entries must include:
(1) Cover Letter
(2) CV or Resume
(3) Artist Statement
(4) Project Proposal
(5) 10-20 recent slides (35mm, no glass) or CD-ROM or DVD (whichever is relevant)
(6) Slide List
(7) SASE (if you want materials returned)

Send packet to:
Hotcakes Gallery
c/o Curator
3379 N. Pierce St.
Milwaukee, WI 53212

Michael Brenner or Susan Kriofsky at:
or (414) 961-7714 with any questions.