Holly Crawford
Since 2005
Works in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Holly Crawford is cross media artist, behavioral scientist, economist and art historian. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Essex in Art History and Theory, B.A and M.A. in Economics and M.S. in Behavioral Science from UCLA. From 2004-2006, she was a non-clinical Fellow at NYU Medical School Psychoanalytic Center. Her art and poetry (www.art-poetry.info) give new meanings and draws categories themselves into question through transformative juxtapositions. Her projects include: Offerings (Ars Electronica, (.net Participant); Open Adoption, The Road, Hyphens, Voice Over, Found Punctuation (video) Tate Modern 2007, My I have your autograph? (unofficial, Basel Miami Art Fair 2007), Critical Conversations in a Limo, NY 2006 (VIP project, Armory), 2007 in Melbourne (MIAF) & San Francisco (The LAB & Sesnon Gallery UCSC), Sound Art Limo, NY and Melbourne 2007, Flatland Limo, NYC 2008. Many projects are ongoing, site specific and participatory. Publications: Artistic Bedfellows, ed., 2008, Attached to the Mouse, 2006 and catalogue essay, “Disney and Pop” in Once Upon a Time Walt Disney Studio; Artistic Bedfellows, edited, 2008. Some projects are created and curated through AC (Art Currents) which she created and directs, www.artcurrents.org She taught art at UCLA and SVA. She was born in California and now lives in New York City.
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Wed Dec 31, 2008 00:00

AC[Institute Direct Unlimited Chapel]
547 W. 27th St., #519-529 & north alcove

Call for Proposals/Participation

AC is a non-profit, 501 (c) 3, in Chelsea. Our previous projects--Critical Conversations in a Limo, Sound Art Limo and Flatland Limo, used a white limo as an experimental space. We are a still experimenting. We will be exhibiting sound art, video, installation, light and performance.

Please submit via email without attachements. Please include proposal (project and how it would be installed or exhibited), short bio and website. You may
also mail information. No orginals. Nothing will be returned without SASE.


A building that is more than 100 years old, as this building is, conceals many histories. The building has had many lives and residents. It is now an exhibition space for art. We opened a door and then a box. This is what we found. image

Unearthed is an extended project that might last for a year, that uses a relatively simple device -a human skeleton- in order to instigate a much wider series of responses and relationships.

The object is a departure point, Unearthed re-examines the strategy of presenting an object inside of textual concept. The object is an imperfect and flawed, but basic “life” model found in all art departments and medical schools. It is a plastic artifact. It is a model, the basic sculptural form, our hidden physical structure that is used as a device that mirrors or reflects the ultimate human condition. The key concerns of the project are the issues of the human condition, hidden structures in our lives and art, private and public worlds, and relationships with the larger institutional framework, trade and globalization, art and science.

Unearthed is also a delivery mechanism for projects such as video and writing to be presented.

Holly Crawford: hc@artcurrents.org - regarding questions and submissions

Submissions maybe emailed or posted to the addresses below.

AC [Direct]
547 W 27th St., Suite 529
NY, NY 10001


Critical Conversations in a Limo, San Francisco

Thu May 01, 2008 00:00 - Mon Apr 21, 2008

Subversive Complicity

Special Event:
created by Holly Crawford
May 1: 5 p.m., 6 p.m., 7 p.m., and 8 p.m. at The LAB
Hop into a white limousine with eight strangers to converse about anything in art for one hour. Hosts, who are critics and curators, will guide conversations and offer refreshments. The limo will leave from and return to The LAB, 16th and Capp St. Reserve your free space by calling the gallery at (415) 864-8855.

Exhibition runs: May 1-24, 2008
Opening Reception: Thursday, May 1, 6-9 PM
Gallery Hours: Wednesdays - Saturdays, 1-6 PM

Featuring: Laurel Beckman; Chris Barr; Julia Bradshaw, James Morgan, and Bennett Goble; Elisheva Biernoff; Cesar Cornejo; Holly Crawford; Sharon Daniel; Bryan and Vita Hewitt with Chuck, Inc.; Heike Liss and Ellen Lake; Bradley McCallum and Jacqueline Tarry; Neighborhood Sign Club with Alison Pebworth, Leigh Ann Martin, and Megan Saperstein; Nancy Nisbet; Jennifer Parker with Matthew McGuinness; Sasha Petrenko; Johanna Poethig with VPA Painting and Mural Class, CSU Monterey Bay; Alyssa C. Salomon; Randy Sarafan; and Sherri Lynn Wood.

This project was organized by Heather M. Mikolaj (Curator) and Clare Haggarty (Assistant Curator), in collaboration with University of California, Santa Cruz faculty Dee Hibbert-Jones and E.G. Crichton

Subversive Complicity brings together a group of artists whose work inhabits the interstices of contemporary life ? physical, temporal, and conceptual gaps within existing structures ? in order to subvert everyday systems and raise social awareness in subtle, humorous, and radical ways. What happens when artists working within these spaces adapt and co-opt the strategies, languages, mannerisms, and visualizations from divergent social personas and cultural sources to create alternative modes of action and expression? The resulting range of projects presented in this exhibition suggests the myriad of possibilities for public and private transformation to emerge when artists assume such diverse roles as agent provocateur, broadcaster, political activist, conversationalist, oral historian, engineer, broker, trader, benefactor, gamer, and even evangelist. Through gallery documentation of past actions and a series of ongoing and special events these artists invite audiences into a set of conversations, resistances, and exchanges at once real and imagined, geographic and social, local and global. Come join us in this exploration of how art can disrupt, re-shape, and otherwise invigorate our daily existence through interventions enacted on the streets of San Francisco, across the landscape of the Bay Area, and within other cities and virtual realities far beyond. This exhibition was developed in association with the Intervene! Interrupt! Rethinking Art as Social Practice Festival hosted by the University of California, Santa Cruz. For more information, please visit: http://may2008.artintervention.org/


SOUND ART in a LIMO Project

Fri Feb 16, 2007 00:00 - Thu Feb 15, 2007

Sound Art Limo
An AC Institute Project
Curated by Holly Crawford

Rest your eyes. Open your ears. Listen to art!

A limousine as an experiment space for art by AC Institute. This year as experimental space for sound art! Last year the space was a movable salon that was hosted by museum directors, curators, and critics.

This year in the darkness of February a limo will zip around Manhattan for a half hour.
Twenty-four different sound spaces will be created over the 3 days during the art fairs.

Some of the artists: Louise Lawler, John Baldessari, Nic Collins, Richard Kostelanetz, Lynne Tillman, Kiko Smith, David Linton, Paul Bowles, Eleanor Antin, Judy Fiskin, Mike Kelley, Martin Kersels, Jim Shaw, Alexis Smith, Jeffery Vallance, Joe Scanlan, Pia Lindman, Richard Hermann and China Blue, Orlan and Tanger, and many others.

Refreshments and conversations will also be on the menu.

When: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, February 23, 24, 25
Time: 3 pm and at 7pm. Take the ride on the hour or half hour.
Where: The Amory Art Fair, Pier 94, New York City.
Open to all.

This project was curated from the Tellus archive/Harvestworks; Song Poem Project by Gary Kornblau and Doug Harvey and artists. It is done with the cooperation of the Amory Art Fair.

For more information contact AC Institute.

Holly Crawford, Curator
AC Instititue
AC Institute is a 501-c-3


Critical Conversation in a Limo

I have uploaded 3 segments of Critical Conversations in a Limo, a project that I curated with the help of cooperation of many people. The project is a moment in art, a movable salon, an experimental spac. There will be a article in Artes in the next issue--see Works on Words.

Most segments are about 25 minutes. Here are the links to the first three:

Carol Parkinson and Richard Kostelanetz http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5083924076317985429

Holly Block http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7069717455854475826

Julian Zugazgoitia http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3638841865159177127

Segments that were hosted by: Anne Barlow, Peter Frank, Jan Herman, Carin Kuoni, Orlan and others will be uploaded shortly.

Holly Crawford

This could be a project fot CHAT, Announcement, or work.


Video uploaded--Found Punctuation

I have uploaded 4 very short videos to Google Video. These are participation videos. Just scream at the explanation points.

Google "Holly Crawford" or go to these links.

Coleridge http://video.google.com/videoplay?docidG52949362088544355

Emily dashing-- http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5915646134618930232&hl=en

Duchamp http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6601646143689268520

Hollow Dog http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid'25699223675136430

On the serious subject: Censorship and power to control media flow is not just something that a government does. Many large corporations have this power, but so do individuals. On the simple level issues have you ever felt excluded! Censorship may be very subtle and seem trival. It is not!

Holly Crawford