Holly Crawford
Since 2005
Works in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Holly Crawford is cross media artist, behavioral scientist, economist and art historian. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Essex in Art History and Theory, B.A and M.A. in Economics and M.S. in Behavioral Science from UCLA. From 2004-2006, she was a non-clinical Fellow at NYU Medical School Psychoanalytic Center. Her art and poetry (www.art-poetry.info) give new meanings and draws categories themselves into question through transformative juxtapositions. Her projects include: Offerings (Ars Electronica, (.net Participant); Open Adoption, The Road, Hyphens, Voice Over, Found Punctuation (video) Tate Modern 2007, My I have your autograph? (unofficial, Basel Miami Art Fair 2007), Critical Conversations in a Limo, NY 2006 (VIP project, Armory), 2007 in Melbourne (MIAF) & San Francisco (The LAB & Sesnon Gallery UCSC), Sound Art Limo, NY and Melbourne 2007, Flatland Limo, NYC 2008. Many projects are ongoing, site specific and participatory. Publications: Artistic Bedfellows, ed., 2008, Attached to the Mouse, 2006 and catalogue essay, “Disney and Pop” in Once Upon a Time Walt Disney Studio; Artistic Bedfellows, edited, 2008. Some projects are created and curated through AC (Art Currents) which she created and directs, www.artcurrents.org She taught art at UCLA and SVA. She was born in California and now lives in New York City.
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AC [Institute] Presents Five New Exhibitions

Thu Mar 19, 2009 00:00 - Thu Mar 12, 2009

United States of America

Group Exhibition from Rhizome and PAM Members: Domestic
Ann Torke: The Residue Series: Everyday Accumulation
Jeff Becker: CapaCity Project
Bryan Whitney: Myriad - The Ten Thousand Things
Andrew Erdos: Santalope

AC [ Direct ] I / II and AC [ Chapel ]
March 19 - April 11, 2009 / Opening: Thursday, March 19, 6-8pm

About AC [Institute Direct Chapel] :
AC’s mission is to advance the understanding of art through investigation, research and education. It is a lab and forum for experimentation and critical discussion. We support and develop projects that explore a performative exchange across visual, verbal and experiential disciplines. We encourage critical writing that challenges conventional expectations of meaning and objectivity as well as the boundaries between the rational and subjective.

Art Currents is a non-profit 501(c)3. AC [Institute Direct Chapel] 547 W. 27th St, #519 New York, NY 10001 www.artcurrents.org email: info@artcurrents.org Gallery Hours: Wed, Fri. & Sat: 1-6pm, Thurs.: 1-8pm 5th Floor - #519-529 & North Alcove


Live in the Limo Twitters & Around the Fairs, NYC

Fri Mar 06, 2009 00:00 - Sat Feb 28, 2009

Holly Crawford and other, and that could be you, will be twittering art events from inside and outside the limo--Live in the Limo. If you would like to post or follow please let us know.

Holly Crawford
AC[Institute Direct Chapel]
547 W. 27th St., 519-529
NY, NY 10001



CEOs & Outsourced Critics (MIA) Champagne Brunch

Sat Mar 07, 2009 00:00 - Sun Feb 15, 2009

The AC Institute invites you to a VIP brunch. You’re invited to schmooze with 25 of the world’s most/least favorite CEOs alongside their faithful/faithless artist interpreter, Martin Gantman, who will also be in attendance.

“Empire:Davos” is a project which engages with the very real conception of an international economic empire and is the most recent work of Los Angeles-based artist Martin Gantman. With this work Gantman surveys and questions the corporate landscape by striving to portray the seemingly contradictory notions between bottom line economic performance and human welfare. Champagne anyone?

Curated by Holly Crawford, making a text appearance will be our “Outsourced Critics,” in the AC [Chapel]. These texts consist of essays, lists, stories, email correspondences and critical commentaries by Claude Closky, Eitan Buganim, Hemda Rosenbaum, Jerome Sans, Josette Balsa, Brian Curtin, Yonatan Amir, Vasif Kortun and Sven Lutticken, who were brought together with the assistance of Lillian Fellmann.

VIPs, help us to celebrate Martin Gantman and “rub elbows” with the Outsourced Critics by joining our champagne brunch on Saturday March 7th, 2009 from 10am-1pm in AC [Direct] I & II and AC [Chapel].

547 W. 27th St, #519 New York, NY 10001
www.artcurrents.org email: info@artcurrents.org
Gallery Hours: Wed., Fri. & Sat.: 1-6pm, Thurs.: 1-8pm
5th Floor - #519, #529 & North Alcove

The AC Institute, 501(3) c is under the Direction of Holly Crawford. This opening also coincides with building-wide brunches being hosted by participating galleries of 547 West 27th Street in Chelsea.


"Live in the Limo" Armory Show Special VIP Event

Fri Mar 06, 2009 00:00 - Sun Feb 15, 2009

The AC [Institute Direct Chapel]’s unmistakable white limousine is being hosted by 3 very innovative musical artists with an array of special guest co-Hosts.

Sawako, Joseph F. Di Ponio and Benjamin Lanz will collaborate and interact with other artists, musicians, performers, poets and you. All of these characters collide during this special moment in art in our movable white salon, toasting champagne as it provides us a temporary residence. Previous projects have included: "Critical Conversations in a Limo," "Sound Art Limo" and “Flatland Limo.” As part of the 2009 Armory Show, "Live in the Limo", will run from 3-6pm on March 6th, 7th, and 8th, making half-hour journeys (6 time slots available per day), to and from the entrance of Pier 92, upper level. Please E-mail info@artcurrents.org to reserve a seat and time as space is very limited.

Tokyo/Brooklyn-based Sawako, a sound sculptor, a composer/improviser, a timeline-based artist and a signal alchemist performs an improvised work drawing on the specificities of this peculiar, yet familiar space in motion.

New York City-based composer Joseph F. Di Ponio has created a work specifically for the limousine that will engage with the social and aesthetic relationships between composer, performer, audience and venue.

Trombonist/multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Lanz, working with various mutations of his instruments, improvises a series of miniature compositions that draw on our limo as a dynamic, yet at times contradictory, organism.

Our special guest co-Hosts traverse artistic boundaries and disciplines and include: Rainer Ganahl, Martin Gantman, Elizabeth Gower, Richard Kostelanetz, Taras Polataiko, Liselot Van Der Heijden, Lee Wells and Holly Crawford.

This event is FREE and open to the public. The AC Institute, 547 W. 27th St., 5th Floor, is a 501(c)(3) and is under the Direction of Holly Crawford. This event was co-curated by Sonya Hofer.


Amor Infiniti by Elizabeth Gower

Wed Jan 21, 2009 00:00 - Wed Jan 21, 2009

AC[Institute Direct Chapel]
547 W. 27th St., 5th Floor
NY 10001

Reception 6- 8 pm January 22, 2009
January 22-February 14, 2009

AC [Direct] II presents Amor Infiniti (love of the infinite), an on¬going project of cutout paper plates by Australian artist Elizabeth Gower. Each “design” is unique, utilizing the six-point symmetry of the snowflake and the infinite variations possible within that geometric system.
Gower’s work has consistently involved the collection and collation of materials, images and data into systems of order. This collec¬tion, begun during the winter of 1997 in London, was the result of two incongruous stimuli. The first was the observation of stenciled snowflakes on storefront windows (the integration of aspects from consumer culture can be found throughout Gower’s work). And the second was the influence of “A Sense of Order” by E.H. Gombrich, which revealed the fact that after photographing 3000 snowflakes, none were found to be identical.

Gower began exploring the possibilities of a relatively simple system which would result in an infinite number of variations. Using equally elementary means, a compass, ruler, pencil and retractable blade, six-point symmetrical designs were cut into the flat circular base of paper plates. The ready-made disposable paper plate is an extension of her practice of incorporating discarded materials retrieved from the ur¬ban environment.

To date Gower has amassed approximately two thousand variations of cutout geometric designs and patterns. None are repeated, which demonstrates Pythagoras’ dictum “limit gives form to the limitless.” Like all collections, this one (and consequently this project) will never be complete.
Elizabeth Gower lives and works in Melbourne, Australia where she is currently completing a PhD from Monash University (Melbourne). Gower has exhibited in numerous solo exhibitions and participated in many major group exhibitions in Europe, U.K, United Arab Emir¬ates and throughout Australia including Museum of Contemporary Art (Sydney), Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (Melbourne), Centro per le Arti Visive (Venice), Auronzo di Cadore (Treviso), Institute of Modern Art (Brisbane), Museum of Modern Art at Heide (Melbourne), National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne), Art Gallery of New South Wales (Sydney), Sharjah University (UAE), Gramercy Art Fair (New York) and International Contemporary Art Fair: ARCO (Madrid). Her work has been chosen for public commis¬sions for The Super Dome Olympics (Sydney), City of Port Phillip, Southbank and World Congress Centre (Melbourne) and Victorian Ministry for the Arts.

Gower has received grants and awards from Cité Internationale des Arts (Paris), Arts Victoria (Melbourne), Alliance Française Art Fellowship, Georges Art Prize as well as multiple grants for residen¬cies abroad from The Australia Council. She is currently Artist-in-residence in New York. Her work is held in collections within Europe,Australia and the United Arab Emirates such as The Australian National Gallery (Canberra), National Gallery of Victoria (Mel¬bourne), Parliament House Collection (Canberra), Queensland Uni¬versity of Technology and The University of Tasmania (Hobart).

AC is a non-profit 501(c)3
Holly Crawford, Director & Curator
Christine Licata, Gallery Manager
Sonya Hofer, AC Fellow