Holly Crawford
Since 2005
Works in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Holly Crawford is cross media artist, behavioral scientist, economist and art historian. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Essex in Art History and Theory, B.A and M.A. in Economics and M.S. in Behavioral Science from UCLA. From 2004-2006, she was a non-clinical Fellow at NYU Medical School Psychoanalytic Center. Her art and poetry (www.art-poetry.info) give new meanings and draws categories themselves into question through transformative juxtapositions. Her projects include: Offerings (Ars Electronica, (.net Participant); Open Adoption, The Road, Hyphens, Voice Over, Found Punctuation (video) Tate Modern 2007, My I have your autograph? (unofficial, Basel Miami Art Fair 2007), Critical Conversations in a Limo, NY 2006 (VIP project, Armory), 2007 in Melbourne (MIAF) & San Francisco (The LAB & Sesnon Gallery UCSC), Sound Art Limo, NY and Melbourne 2007, Flatland Limo, NYC 2008. Many projects are ongoing, site specific and participatory. Publications: Artistic Bedfellows, ed., 2008, Attached to the Mouse, 2006 and catalogue essay, “Disney and Pop” in Once Upon a Time Walt Disney Studio; Artistic Bedfellows, edited, 2008. Some projects are created and curated through AC (Art Currents) which she created and directs, www.artcurrents.org She taught art at UCLA and SVA. She was born in California and now lives in New York City.
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Orphans Offered Up

Thu Feb 04, 2010 00:00 - Fri Jan 22, 2010

Call for Participation...

Orphans Offered Up

a project by Holly Crawford

February 4-March 6,
547 W. 27th St, 5th Floor (suite 500)
Hrs: 1-6 pm
NY, NY 10001
Opening Feb. 4 6-8 pm

“But, art as a practical precedent is forever young and physically here with us. Works of art, as theoretical constructs, hold their place in a field of knowledge. As historical artifacts, they speak of ancestry and parental origins. As practical precedents, works of art are orphans, ready to be adopted, nurtured and groomed to the needs to any astonishing new circumstances.”—Dave Hickey, “Orphans,” Art in America, January 2009

What will you offer? What will you sacrifice?

Orphans Offered Up is participation installation evolve in a space that was formerly an art gallery that is now empty.

Orphans that I’m offering up are a series of conceptual oil paintings on canvas that are very small, 4" x 4". They’re intimate. They are fragments that appear to be abstractions. They are offered up in several different ways.

Offer is defined as: act of worship or devotion: sacrifice; to present for acceptance or rejection; to propose or suggest; to try or begin to resist; to threaten; to make available; to present in performance or exhibition; to propose as payment; to make an attempt; to present itself; to make a proposal.

What will you offer me? Not all offers will be accepted. Suggestions: Stocks, bonds, a house, another painting, a manuscript, or something else? Something much less tangible? What are you willing to sacrifice? If you insistent on money, then the price will be determined by random walk, and that price will be a number between one and five hundred, that will be generated randomly by RANDOM.ORG, Trinity College. They provide a “random number service that generates randomness via atmospheric noise.” Numbers will stamped on a poker chip and placed in a black velvet bag that will be hung from the ceiling. Pick one, that’s your price. Use it. Trade it. Sell it. Keep it as a souvenir.

The inspirational sources for the paintings are the invisible engraving marks found in old postage stamps that belonged to my late father. These painting were first started in 2002. They are not studies. They are not miniatures. They're finished paintings. I have completed more than fifty.

What do you do with your art? What’s your relationship to art? Do you hang it on the wall or put in storage? Relationships with art: Baldessari burnt them; Van Gogh shoved them under Theo’s bed.

Ask people to suggest a name by writing it on a post-its and then placing that post-it around the painting. The images and suggested names will be documented along with what I was offered. Names maybe also submitted by email. Peter Selz has already done just that.
I would like to thank the Pinetree Group for the offer of the space for this project.

Holly Crawford, NYC 2010



Gallery Exhibitions: Strange Skies, 1Bird2Birds3Birds, Salzburg Bough

Thu Feb 04, 2010 00:00 - Fri Dec 18, 2009

The AC Presents 3 New Exhibitions:
Jonathon Keats: Strange Skies
Ardan Özmenoğlu: 1Bird2Birds3Birds
Elise Rasmussen: Salzburg Bough

February 4, 2010 - March 13, 2010
Opening Event: Thursday, Febrary 4, 2010 6-8pm


About Strange Skies:
Directed and Produced by Jonathon Keats
Plants have roots. As a consequence of this simple fact, they do not travel naturally, lacking the chance to experience the world's vast diversity, and even missing out on the many subcultures and microclimates of New York City. In order to let flora encounter distant realms vicariously, conceptual artist Jonathon Keats presents a series of travel documentaries specifically targeted to the plant kingdom.
Given their ability to perform photosynthesis, plants are a fit audience for cinema. These travel documentaries exploit that affinity, screening onto plants' leaves a selection of skies - the ultimate botanical tourist attraction - filmed in the United States and Europe. Since plants do not have human eyesight, and perceive light only in aggregate, footage is projected onto a scrim which diffuses the picture, streaming subtly changing tints of blue onto the foliage below.
Strange Skies will be screened for a select botanical audience at the AC Institute from February 4th through March 13th, 2010. People are also invited to visit. But of course, human experience will be second-hand: Strange Skies is presented for the entertainment of plants.

About Jonathon Keats:
Jonathon Keats is a conceptual artist, fabulist and critic residing in San Francisco and Northern Italy.
Recently, he choreographed the first ballet for honeybees at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. He has also exhibited extraterrestrial abstract artwork at the Judah L. Magnes Museum, unveiled a prototype Ouija voting booth for the 2008 election at the Berkeley Art Museum, and attempted to genetically engineer God in collaboration with scientists at the University of California, Berkeley.
Exhibited internationally, his projects have been documented by PBS, NPR, and the BBC World Service, garnering favorable attention in periodicals ranging from The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, to Nature and New Scientist, to Flash Art and ArtUS. He is the recipient of fellowships from Yaddo and the MacDowell Colony, and is represented by Modernism Gallery, San Francisco, CA.

About 1Bird2Birds3Birds:
The foundation of my art springs forth from the idea of repetition as it investigates the process of image consumption, history and permanence in relation to mass production, ritual and accompanying psychological states. My investigation into our consumption of images splits off into two independent yet complimentary impulses. In some of my pieces, repetition provides social commentary; in others, it conjures a feeling of ritual and a more personal space for a contemplative mood.

I subject images to reproduction on that most ubiquitous yet disposable of modern conveniences, the Post-it note. Social commentary enters into the experience as the images eventually curl and fall away.

My approach to my art and its sources has been and will always be contemporary in the extreme: my investigation into image coexists with aesthetic gestures that challenge, provoke and invite.

About Ardan Özmenoğlu:
Ardan Özmenoğlu, born in Turkey,in 1979, lives and works in Istanbul and New York. She obtained her BFA in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design as well as her MFA in Graphic Design from Bilkent University, Turkey. She was an Artist in Residence at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, Ateliergemeinschaft Milchhof e.V. Berlin and Frans Maserell Centrum in Belgium. She contributed to several exhibitions since 2002.

Her recent projects are site-specific screen print installations, which incorporate architecture and sculpture, using materials such as glass and post-it notes. The transparent sculptures by Özmenoğlu show an extraordinary glimpse inside the body. At the interface between printmaking and sculpture, three-dimensional, portraits come into being.

Since her first solo exhibition in Istanbul and the second in Berlin in 2008, Ardan Özmenoğlu tirelessly continues to carve a unique place for herself in the art world, somewhere in between the disciplines of sculpture and printmaking.

About Salzburg Bough:
“At the salt mines of Hallein near Salzburg the miners throw a leafless wintry bough into one of the abandoned workings. Two or three months later, through the effect of waters saturated with salt which soak the bough and then let it dry as they recede, the miners find it covered with a shiny deposit of crystals.”
—Stendhal, On Love, 1822

The Salzburg Bough takes its inspiration from the chapter in Stendhal’s book describing "crystallization," the most important stage in the act of falling in love. This metaphorical term describes attraction as being the shimmering crystals encrusted on an otherwise ordinary leafless bough. The piece was originally installed in the former salt factory in Hallein that inspired Stendhal's writing and is re-created for this exhibition.

About Elise Rasmussen:
Elise Rasmussen (b. 1977, Edmonton, Canada) first honored her franco-philia at the age of ten by proclaiming she would go by her middle name Elise. She continues to indulge her penchant for French culture by spending time in cafes, using Garamond typeface whenever possible, and creating projects inspired by New Wave cinema and the French Revolution. In addition to these pursuits, her works explore many themes including the relationship between salt and love, and how art makes people sick.

Elise received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2007. She has exhibited in the United States, Canada, Austria and Germany. Elise lives in Brooklyn, NY and is currently working on a project that investigates reasons why the Atlantic Ocean is ruining her love life, and the legacy of the Cod Fishery and Beothuk cultures on contemporary identity in Newfoundland.

About AC Institute [Direct Chapel]: AC’s mission is to advance the understanding of art through investigation, research and education. It is a lab and forum for experimentation and critical discussion. We support and develop projects that explore a performative exchange across visual, verbal and experiential disciplines. We encourage critical writing that challenges conventional expectations of meaning and objectivity as well as the boundaries between the rational and subjective.

Art Currents is a non-profit 501(c)3.
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Critical Conversation in a Limo

Thank you Daniel for linking WPS1's interview of Flatland Limo. His link to Critical Conversations in a Limo and Sound Art projects ended here. For information on those two projects go to http://art-poetry.info/index.html All the video will be screen in AC Closet 2010 and at the University of Essex in Fall 2010.


Edited Edition

Sun Jan 10, 2010 00:00

Call for Papers: The AC Institute is currently accepting papers for an upcoming edition that seeks to take up the issue of temporality as an integral element in contemporary music and the visual arts. Critical writing that addresses this concept from all disciplines will be considered and we encourage the submission of articles that cross disciplinary boundaries. Articles that discuss the temporal relationships between art and music are especially welcome. Please send complete papers (with an abstract) and a brief biography (up to 250 words) to info@artcurrents.org by January 10, 2010.

The AC Institute’s mission is to advance the understanding of the arts through investigation, research and education. It is a lab and forum for experimentation and critical discussion. We support and develop projects that explore a performative exchange across visual, sonic, verbal and experiential disciplines. We encourage critical writing that challenges conventional expectations of meaning and objectivity as well as the boundaries between the rational and subjective. For more information on the AC Institute please visit our website at http://www.artcurrents.org .


AC Institute [Direct Chapel] 2009/2010 Call for Participation/Call for Artists

Sat Aug 01, 2009 00:00

AC Institute[Direct Chapel]
2009/2010 Call for Participation/Call for Artists


Unearthed, AC Institute [Direct Chapel] - September, 2008

To be considered for Fall and Spring Calendar: August 1, 2009
To be considered for Spring Calendar: November 1, 2009

This means that the dialectic of semblance and Real cannot be reduced to the rather elementary fact that the virtualization of our daily lives, the experience that we are living more and more in an artificially constructed universe, gives rise to an irresistible urge to ‘return to the Real’, to regain firm ground in some ‘real reality’.
―Slavoj Žižek, Welcome to the Desert of the Real!, 2002

In 2008 we wondered: the relationship between real estate prices and actual money, if the crowds at the Armory were smaller than the year before, the various costs of a fossil fuel driven culture, if our gallery could exist without being on Facebook and if we even needed to leave our homes (or computers for that matter).

The AC Institute seeks works to exhibit for its upcoming 2009/2010 season. Our call is not meant as a ‘return to the Real’ rather, like Žižek, we continue in an exploration of ‘reality’―the things, the conditions, the concepts, the perceptions, the implications and the relationships and/or dialogues between them. Our focus is on the ephemeral (site-specific works, installation, sound video, etc) though any media/medium will be considered so long as they suit our various gallery spaces.

With your submissions, please include the following in an email (no attachments please):
-A short description and/or images of the work you are proposing for our spaces
-Your standard CV and contact information
-Links to your website or other sites where materials could be viewed, if possible

About AC Institute [Direct Chapel] :
AC’s mission is to advance the understanding of art through investigation, research and education. It is a lab and forum for experimentation and critical discussion. We support and develop projects that explore a performative exchange across visual, verbal and experiential disciplines and encourage critical writing that challenges conventional expectations of meaning and objectivity as well as the boundaries between the rational and subjective. Art Currents is a non-profit 501(c)3 and is under the Direction of Holly Crawford.

September 2008 marks the date in which the AC Institute took on a physical location, the AC [Direct] I and II spaces and the AC [Chapel] space in Chelsea. In its inaugural season the AC has: had 10 openings, one per month, which represents 25 individual shows (approximately 2-4 solo shows per exhibition); offered 5 live performance special events; participated in the 2009 Armory show with 2 VIP projects; collaborated with over 50 artists; and worked with various cultural organizations towards promoting art-based projects, such as Rhizome, Harvestworks and Materials for the Arts. Press for the inaugural year include those in ArtCal/ArtCat, Chelsea Now, NY ArtBeat and various other online reviews. We provide our spaces(550 square foot video space complete with benched seating), regular press/programming support, some A/V equipment (5.1 sound system, single channel video projector, etc.) and upload to various online archives/announcements, including but not limited to: Artslant.com, Artipedia.org and Artfacts.net. Please see our website for more information: www.artcurrents.org.

AC Institute[Direct Chapel]
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