John Davenport

Today I want to discuss 2 very different weight loss plans: Fat Loss 4 Idiots (a.k.a FL4I) and the Eat Stop Eat Plan. In this way you'll be able to see which one fits your lifestyle better and can help you make a choice over finding your way to lose weight.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is strictly a nutrition based plan. It requires very little exercise: just walking. Eat Stop Eat is based on 2 fundamentals: nutrition and weight training.

Eat Stop Eat involves intermittent fasting. This means that you eat normally on most days but go on a liquid fast once or twice a week. But you choose the day according to what's convenient for you. On Fat Loss 4 Idiots there are no fasting days. You get a menu with 4 meals per day. You simply follow the menu.

Eat Stop Eat doesn't have a set menu. You have more freedom on it. However, some people like the fact that Fat Loss For Idiots simply gives them a menu (which is made up of food items they like). This brings order to the eating plan and makes thinking and planning unnecessary.

Eat Stop Eat - Eat Stop Eat Review is a 78 pages ebook which covers everything this plan has to offer. FL4I has 2 components: a diet handbook which explains the diet and lays the ground rules for it and a menu generating software which allows you to choose your favorite food items from a long list. The menu you get is made up of these foods and you can always create new menus with different food items so it's pretty flexible.

Eat Stop Eat is newer than Fat Loss For Idiots so it's less known. However it's growing in popularity and is showing great promise. Fat Loss For Idiots is already very successful and people report excellent results with it.