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Associate Professor at Graduate School of System Design, Tokyo Metropolitan University
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Result of Japanese Architectural Competiton of Virtual Worlds

Mon Mar 17, 2008 00:00 - Mon Mar 17, 2008


The Result of [Digital Design Competiton] by Nikkei Architecture was announced.
This was epoch-making design competition of Virtual-Worlds, by large amount of money prize (about 20,000 dollars in all) and famous cross-field jury member.

The result of competition was published in the Website of Nikkei Business Publications and Nikkei Architecture magazine. All articles are only Japanese, but, the automatic translation version can be seen here.

See more details,

Grand Prix : [THE MUSEUM OF THE GLOBE] by Atelier Ten

Competition Theme:
Life Media Museum in 21st century

Jury Member:
Ryue Nishizawa
(Architect, Associate professor of Yokohama National University)
Tetsuya Mizuguchi
(Game Producer, CCO of Q ENTERTAINMENT Inc.)
Mitsuo Iso
(Animation Director, Scenario writer)
Hidenori Watanave
(CEO of Photon, Associate professor of Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Yoshihisa Yamamoto
(Executive editor of Nikkei Architecture)


Archidemo - Architecture in Metaverse

Sun Feb 03, 2008 00:00 - Sun Feb 03, 2008


We have developed "Archidemo" Project in Second Life.
Please see website.

"Archidemo" is experimental demonstration and research for the
possibility of the architecture and environmental design in Metaverse.

In "Archidemo", the field crossing collaboration was achieved. Trial
of Inworld (virtual space) photograph exhibition by photographer and
metaverse-architect's collaborations, installation of media art,
scientific visualization, trial of Realization of world of S-F novel,
chatbot space, and so on.


Peeping Mapping

Let's make world-wide "Peeping Mapping" on the Internet.
It is an experience of "observing" the "public" all over the world.

Please take a picture of people and the scenery of surroundings in "Secret", and send it by e-mail.

1) Write the address of "Point of Photo" in the 1st line of your e-mail.
ex)10 market st, san francisco

#Please add GPS information, if you have it.

2) Write a comment in the 2nd line.

3) Attach the Picture and Send to "fun@mapping.jp".

You can see the map,

with Google Maps
and Google Earth

#The workshop was held from November 22 to the 24th
#in "invisible symposium" in FUTURE UNIVERSITY HAKODATE.


Urban Typhoon Workshop

Urban Typhoon Workshop in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, June 26-29,2006

We invite creative spirits from Japan and abroad to
brainstorm on the present and future of Shimokitazawa, at a
time when the government is planning a 26 meter-wide road
cutting through its culturally vibrant streets.

The Urban Typhoon workshop is a global experiment in
participatory design, and includes architecture & design
studios, art installations, political cafe, oral history,
graphic communication, video, etc.

The objective is to produce alternatives to the
government's plan as well as a multimedia testimony to the
unique spirit of Shimokitazawa. The workshop itself is a
joyous and participatory takeover of the city.

Registration fee: 10,000 yen (payable upon arrival at workshop)

* Urban Typhoon welcomes registration from students,
architects, urbanists, artists, designers, media &
communication specialists, social scientists, activists,
creative people, dreamers, and idealists of all kinds. The
number of registrants is limited. Each unit has a small
number of participants.

* There are a limited number of homestays available to
foreign students, free of charge.

* All workshops will be conducted in English and Japanese.

Workshop units:
* a|Um Studio / New York, Carla Leitao
* Koba. Arch. Lab. / Tokyo, Masami Kobayashi
* CAt /Tokyo, Kazuhiro Kojima & Kazuko Akamatsu
* Save the Shimokitazawa / Tokyo, Kazuho Kimura & Kenzo Kaneko
* Art Harbour / Tokyo, Lehan Ramsay & friends
* Yehuda Safran / Paris, New York
* Studio SUMO / New York, Yolande Daniels & Sunil Bald
* Supersudaca / Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Pablo Corvalan,
Felix Madrazo, Manuel de Rivero
* Shimokita Oral History / Tokyo, Taro Taguchi
* Team Un-simultaneous / Tokyo, Hidenori Watanabe
* Alto Majo / Tokyo, Alejandro (Alex) Jaimes, Tomo Takeda,
Matias Echanove, Joanne Jakovich

The University of Tokyo, Meiji University, Cultural Typhoon, Future
University-Hakodate, Yoshimi Lab, Save the ShimoKitazawa, Shimokitazawa
Forum, Archi-media, coelacanth and associates inc., sumo, a|Um Studio,
supersudaca, Misatikoh, sakura mapping project, urbanology


Sakura_Mapping Project

I'm Hidenori Watanave,
CEO of Photon,Inc. and Visiting Professor of Digital Hollywood university
in Japan.

We started "Sakura_mapping Project".
(Sorry Japanese page, English version is on above left.)

Sakura_mapping system is a mapping system that can make visualization of
"Sakura (Cherry blossom) front" on satellite image. "Photograph of
cherry blossoms" and the location information are contributed with mail.

You can see it with Google Maps and Google Earth.(Sorry, Text is Japanese only)

like this,

You can participate by sending the cherry blossoms image with mail.
Please add GPS information to exif header of the image.
We are waiting for the contribution from countries other than Japan.

Cherry blossoms are national flowers in Japan.
This is a non-profit-making project, co-sponsoring of arbitrary group "Green photon" and "Committee of Earthday Tokyo".

It is possible to participate from all...cellular phone with GPS, usual cellular phone, and PC.
and you can post from USA.
Now, picture from Washington and California are mapped on it.

The location information is judged from the mail text when there is no
GPS information.

Please introduce it by all means on an official site if it is possible.

Your best regards,
Hidenori Watanave
Chief Executive Officer of Photon,Inc.
Visiting Professor of Digital Hollywood university