For those who like to know about how to update Blackberry Curve 8520, then here you can find several helpful instructions regarding how to carry it out all on your own. This update process can be considered as among the essential things to perform to get the most out of your own Curve 8520 or Gemini smartphone experience. For that reason, it is strongly suggested for you to make the software of the smartphone stay up-to-date. Now, let us take a look at the following tips on how to update Blackberry Curve 8520 appropriately.

Whenever you are seeking the update or upgrade technique over the internet, you are going to actually find several techniques. Even so, you will need to be very smart in choosing which technique will be meet your needs so that you're able to perform Blackberry Curve 8520 update effortlessly. By performing the update procedure, you'll be given the problem fixes together with the new features and also several beneficial applications. Also, it is highly recommended to always back up the entire important data first right before you perform the update process. For further details, you may have to consult or contact your service provider.

Prior to perform the update process, you may have to check out first whether there is an update icon on the home screen. If it exists, you may then just click for it to start the update process. The icon may appear whenever your carrier/provider or perhaps the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) administrator has sent you a request to update the software. But keep in mind that data charges may apply while performing this updating process. Right after you have downloaded the software update, you can proceed to install this on your device. Please remember that this wireless software update may take some time and also you will not be able to work with the smartphone during this set up process.

If there is no update icon on your home screen, then you will have to update or upgrade the software directly on the Curve 8520 handset. First, user will need to press the "Menu" key and then select "Options". Then, click for the "Advanced Options", scroll down to the "Wireless Update" section, and after that press the trackpad. Press "Next" and then choose the "Check for Updates" option. At this point, the device will search for the available updates on the official website. Choose for the update and then select "Next" to review the information about the update and then click "Update Now". By this time you will discover that the update will download and install on your Curve 8520. Finally, press "OK" whenever the update process has completed.

If you need to know about how to update Blackberry Curve 8520 by using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager app, then you'll need to follow the following steps. Firstly, connect the device to the PC and then open the BDM application. Select the Device section and then pick the Update my device option. You will see the dialog box appears and this will inform that there are no BlackBerry Device Software updates available. Then, you must select the View other versions section. Look for the Available Versions list and after that press the Install button.