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SoundFjord | Ethnographic Film Screening | Clay, Cutting and Calendars | Noel Lobley

Sun Mar 24, 2013 12:00 - Sun Mar 24, 2013

LONDON, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Ethnographic Film Screening | Noel Lobley (Pitt Rivers Museum)

Clay, Cutting and Calendars: Xhosa Imigidi Initiation Ceremonies in the Eastern Cape of South Africa

SUNDAY 24 March | noon-2pm | SoundFjord | RSVP: info[at]soundfjord.org.uk

In the Eastern Cape of South Africa, Xhosa imigidi initiation ceremonies mark the point in the year when a young boy becomes a man. Initiates are removed from society and forced to live in the bush, away from almost all human contact, in order to learn about their place in the world. Upon completion of this arduous phase, which formerly could last six months or more, initiates are welcomed back into society to assume their adult responsibilities. Imigidi ceremonies are marked with explosions of colour, dance and song, and alcohol.

Noel Lobley will present some of the images, scenes and sounds from imigidi ceremonies, drawing on his own field research and the work of other Africanist ethnomusicologists including Dave Dargie and Andrew Tracey.

Noel Lobley is an ethnomusicologist, musician and sound curator who currently works at the Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford, where he is developing interactive projects for the museum's sound and music collections.



SoundFjord | Listening Event: SoundOut! | Jez riley French + David Chapman

Fri Mar 22, 2013 18:00 - Fri Mar 22, 2013

LONDON, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

SoundOut! | Jez riley French & David Chapman

FRIDAY 22 March 2013 | 7-9pm | SoundFjord | Free | RSVP info[at]soundfjord.org.uk

A night of field recording, soundscape works and conversation, with the artists present.

Jez riley French is a lecturer, curator and specialist in intuitive composition, photographic scores and field recording (surface vibrations, audible silences, instamtics).

David Chapman worked as a professional musician, performing and recording with The Blue Aeroplanes amongst others, until studying Film at the Polytechnic of North London, and completing postgraduate studies at the University of Westminster. He currently creates digital sound pieces for both gallery and web exhibition.

www.jezrileyfrench.co.uk | www.davidchapman.info


SoundFjord | Duncan Whitley | Sbarbi's Arrow

Fri Mar 22, 2013 14:00 - Sun Apr 21, 2013

28 Lawrence Road, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Duncan Whitley | Sbarbi's Arrow
Exhibition: Friday 22 March - Sunday 21 April 2013 | Thursday - Sunday 2-6pm
Late Opening: Thursdays | 6-8pm | Other times by informal appointment
Opening: Thursday 21 March 2013 | 7-9pm | RSVP
Associated events programme: 23 March - 22 April 2013

SoundFjord is delighted to announce its inaugural commission, Sbarbi's Arrow, an exhibition by Duncan Whitley, produced specifically for SoundFjord’s gallery space. Themes within Whitley’s work will be developed through a full programme of events taking place along side the exhibition.

Sbarbi's Arrow is the first major creative output of Whitley's study of the saeta flamenca, a form of flamenco prayer, sung to the religious images of the Catholic Easter processions in Andalucia. The exhibition has been commissioned to coincide with the movable feast of Lent and Easter.

The title refers to an 1880 text by José María Sbarbi in which he describes the saeta as "a brief, fervent spiritual maxim, capable of producing in the mind an impression similar to that caused in the body by the wound from an arrow... capable, not of riddling the heart of the most hardened or indifferent sinner with arrows, but of giving a dead man gooseflesh." Whitley searches for traces of Sbarbi's metaphorical arrow within his self-reflexive investigations in contemporary ethnography, extending the metaphor from flamenco song to processes of recording, memory and playback.

During the celebrations, Whitley will undertake further fieldwork in Seville. By sending back images and text from 'the field' to the gallery space (which will be available for the public to peruse), Whitley will attempt to create a flow of ideas between the installed gallery work – a new video animation (duration: 23:00) by the artist, in which sound and space characteristically play a driving force – its moving images and sounds, and contemporaneously collected images, and texts.

Whitley's work in 'sensuous ethnography', explores territories between ethnographic filmmaking, sound installation and soundscape. His investigations are complex, drawing on numerous themes, including: the notion of performer and performance space or context; the differences between human and the recorded voice; a sense of belonging and community; the documentation and contextualisation of ethnographic practices through a variety of media and curatorial methodologies.
The exhibition is complemented by a selection of Whitley’s sound works made available on SoundFjord’s online exhibition platform, ‘Listening Post’, as well as a programme of events that has emerged from themes pertinent to the commissioned work. Running parallel to the exhibition, this diverse programme features talks, presentations, film screenings, a workshop with field walk and a live sound art and field recording-based performance. SoundFjord is delighted to host a number of respected guest practitioners, researchers, and specialists including Martin Clarke, Angus Carlyle, Noel Lobley, Rosalind Fowler, Jez riley French, Ian Rawes, Doc Rowe, Emmanuel Spinelli, David Toop, and John Wynne as participants.

For information on events click: http://www.soundfjord.org/eventsperformance.htm. All events are free to attend, however booking is essential.

This project has been made possible with the support of the Arts Council England http://www.artscouncil.org.uk



Sat Feb 16, 2013 20:00 - Sat Feb 16, 2013

Dalston, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


Saturday 16 February 2013
Door Times: 8pm | Cafe OTO
Tickets: £8/6 adv Buy here: www.anothertimbre.com, or £10/8 on the door

Improvisations and compositions played by different combinations drawn from six superb instrumentalists: John Tilbury (piano), Lee Patterson (amplified objects), Phil Durrant (electronics), Angharad Davies (violin), Jamie Drouin (electronics) and Johnny Chang (violin). Drouin and Chang are visiting London from Berlin, where they are both now based, and here meet four of the UK’s leading improvising musicians for the first time.

JOHNNY CHANG is a violinist and composer who studied with Michael Pisaro in the USA and has lived in Berlin since 2009. He collaborates with numerous musicians across the world, is a member of the Wabdelweiser collective and curates the Konzert Minimal series in Berlin.

JAMIE DROUIN is a visual artist and improvising musician who recently moved from Canada to Berlin. He uses a small modular synthesiser and has developed a distinctive voice within electroacoustic music, playing with musicians such as Lucio Capece, Sabine Vogel and Lance Austin Olsen, with whom he co-runs the Infrequency Editions label.

Johnny Chang and Jamie Drouin improvising on their CD ‘Tumble’ (Infrequency Editions):

JOHN TILBURY is one of the best-known instrumentalists in contemporary music, widely respected both for his exquisite performances of piano scores by composers such as Feldman, Cage and Cornelius Cardew, and for his powerful improvisations both with groups such as AMM and as a soloist.


ANGHARAD DAVIES is a violinist and composer who has quietly become one of the key figures on the UK improvised music scene. Extending the sound possibilities of her instrument, she plays with musicians such as Dominic Lash, Axel Dörner, Rhodri Davies and Taku Unami, as well as with contemporary music ensembles such as Apartment House.

LEE PATTERSON builds his own instruments, whose small sounds are amplified to produce an astonishing range of sonic textures. He has played and collaborated with musicians from all over the world including Vanessa Rossetto, Luke Fowler, David Toop, Sachiko M and Radu Malfatti.

PHIL DURRANT is an improviser / composer / sound artist who devises his own virtual performance ‘assemblages’ using Reaktor computer software and an iPad as a ‘surface controller’. He was a key figure in the ‘reductionist turn’ within improvised music at the turn of the century, and performs regularly with the Trio Sowari (with Bertrand Denzler and Burkhard Beins), and in the international electronic ensemble MIMEO.

An extract from Phil Durrant’s composition ‘Sowari for Ensemble’ played by Phil, Lee Patterson & Philip Thomas, from the CD box set ‘Wandelweiser und so weiter’ (Another Timbre’):

Angharad Davies, Phil Durrant & Lee Patterson playing Eva-Maria’s Houben’s ‘von da nach da’, from the ‘Wandelweiser und so weiter’ box set (Another Timbre):

This event has been organised by SoundFjord and Another Timbre.



Material Studies | Improvisation Workshop (Special guest: Steve Beresford)

Sat Jan 19, 2013 14:00 - Sat Jan 19, 2013

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Material Studies
Next workshop: SATURDAY 19 January 2013 with special guest, Steve Beresford.

Material Studies is a monthly improvisation workshop lead by Matthias Kispert, Blanca Regina and Andrew Riley, and on occasion a special guest - past guests have included Ryan Jordan, Iris Garrelfs and Daichi Yoshikawa. Material Studies was first initiated at SOUND//SPACE held at V22 Summer Club from May to July 2012.

Philosophy: "Material Studies is an open-to-all, playful collective exploration of the sounds within matter.

Avant-garde art, be it musically, visually or performance based often appears as somewhat elitist, with a defined hierarchy between those who create the work (the artists) and those experience it (the audience). To people who have not had the fortune of being taught all the codes of the artform, the pieces and the settings in which these are shown can be uncomfortable and alienating." - The Material Studies Group

The Material Studies project seeks to open these experimental artforms to anyone who wishes to participate in the collective, improvised sonic exploration of various materials and objects, whether by actively working with the objects, passively absorbing the interactions of others or by expressing a response to the sonic exploration through visual or written acts.

The use of traditional instruments, terminology and tools of manipulation will be avoided. Participants will together develop an improvisational language based solely on the sounds that can be teased out of various everyday objects, with each session being themed around a particular material or object.

No expertise or previous experience is required, instead the sessions focus on the communicative potential of collective improvisation, where every participant needs to listen and react to everything that is happening around, where every gesture has an influence on everything else.

The underlying principle of the project is to promote a corrosion of the space between the artist-performer and the contemplator-audience and to promote the idea that we are all valuable as artists regardless of education or class.

£5/£4 concs per workshop: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/194815
It is essential to RSVP | NB. tickets may be available on the door (RSVP first)

An example of a past Material Studies workshop: