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PHONO:GRAPHIC - A Music Event Where Sound Meets Vision (Fundraiser)

Sun Jul 17, 2011 19:00

28 Lawrence Road, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Support SoundFjord! Help raise funds to realise an event celebrating sound & visual culture, where artists & exploratory musicians perform together 'in harmony'
Visit: http://www.indiegogo.com/PHONOGRAPHIC-where-sound-meets-vision

Sound What?
Hello there, we are SoundFjord, the UK's first sound art devoted gallery and research unit, though we are more that just that - working as itinerant curators, collaborating with others in distant cities, countries even, we promote our love of sound and its creative possibilities to one and all.
SoundFjord is sound designer Andrew Riley and artist Helen Frosi. We work our socks off to bring our vision and expertise to the sonic arts - an artform full of creative and educational potential (view article).
SoundFjord was set up in the summer of 2010 with our savings and the time and support of friends and interested folk (view article). The main aim of the gallery was, and continues to be, to redress the lack of exhibition space and to nurture a better understanding of sound within the arts as well as to provide a welcoming listening environment with high-quality equipment to encourage active and thoughtful listening (view article).
Our gallery resides in the vivid and multi-cultural Seven Sisters area of North London, along a street once bustling with the textile manufacturing trade. We reflect the colours, sound and dynamic of our cultural diversity in our own bustling programme (view article)!
Our Calling: Sound & Music
SoundFjord is a pocket-sized, not-for-profit organisation which means we pour all monies earned back into making our project bigger, better and more profound. We currently support our exhibition programme (exhibition example) through our own pockets, skills/ideas share and through our extensive events and education program featuring lectures and informal talks, "show and tell' critiques, grass roots and advanced workshops, performances, sound and film screenings (view article), exploratory and experimental music performances andartist's residencies. For two individuals you can almost hear the swarm, we are as busy as bees!
Since it's inception, SoundFjord has worked with myriad artists including such luminaries asSteve RodenMichael J Schumacheri8uAGFLiminalRubedo and to name but a few bright young stars, Robert CurgenvenYann NovakTomas PhillipsSong-Ming AngGary James Joynes (Clinker)Simon WhethamJo Thomas and Ailís Ní Ríain. We are always listening out for artists exploring the reach of sound by creative means.
In just under a year, we have welcomed over 3000 visitors through our doors and to our external events and very much look forward to welcoming you!
Our Cause Is Your Cause
Building upon the momentum raised through our exhibition at Dragonfly Festival (Sweden) in 2010 (highlighting over 70 international sound artists), SoundFjord will celebrate the intense and profound connection we all have with sound and visual culture. Hand-in-hand with especially selected performers, score-makers, filmmakers and installation artists, we will curate a special event named PHONO:GRAPHIC.
This event will take place at newly opened Galerie8, London (UK) on 14th August 2011 and will feature work by renowned practitioners and performances by up-and-coming artists with something to say. This event will be part of a series of five events under the moniker, Sound Waves. These events will take place from July to August 2011. Each event will celebrate a different element of sound and visual culture in its own way.
We have decided to look at graphic/alternative scores. "Alternative scores" you may ask? We see these as a way for artists and musicians to play and extend upon the conventional vocabulary of music; to liberate the performer from rigid orchestration; and to open up this form of representation to individual or group interpretation. We will focus on the use of visual elements with reference to standard notation and will extend this format outwards to notations which may not have any connection to the stave or to quavers or semibreves.
The evening will feature an eclectic mix of performance complimented by works made for screen, and on paper. The audience will be given the opportunity to listen to scores and look at the objects, drawings and notation they have been realised from. Visitors will also be able to talk to the performers and to ask questions about their performances and how they themselves became interested in extending their musical vocabulary.
We now appeal to you, the good folk at IndieGoGo, for your support to help keep our activities alive - to bring PHONO:GRAPHIC to fruition...
Getting Involved
To date we have just about got the event 'wrapped up and in the bag', but we need your help to bring a number of our chosen performers over to the UK. They currently live in France and because London is not the cheapest of cities our buget falls short of bringing them to London! Formanex, as they are know, are made up of three seasoned performers: Emmanuel Leduc, Julien Ottavi and Anthony Taillard.
These chaps are highly respected performers. Not only do they perform scores by the likes ofCornelius CardewEarle BrownKeith RoweMorton Feldman and John Cage, they often have scores written especially for them, and are known to have been gifted works by Kasper T ToeplitzPhill Niblock and Jerome Joy. It would be a great pleasure to bring these performers over to the UK and to allow them the opportunity to delight visitors to the event at Galerie8 this coming August.
We kindly ask that you spread the word about our campaign, and to reach deep into your pockets and donate as much as you can afford to this worthy cause. We need just $3,000 to bring the performers over to the UK and to give them accommodation, transport for their equipment and afford other necessary expenses! Any monies gleaned in addition to the target will go towards supplementing artists fees for all involved in PHONO:GRAPHIC. Should we not reach our target, we will use all monies donated to assist with the realisation of further events organised by SoundFjord. Not a penny will be wasted!
The Resonance Of Your Pennies
With the sound of every penny that drops into the PHONO:GRAPHIC piggybank we are one step closer to fulfilling our goal and bringing the joys of exploratory and experimental music to the general public. Think about it, the world is full of noise, so help us give voice to the music within it. Your energies, be they through spreading the word, visiting our gallery, or donating to our causes - are equally valid and all help to bring music to the ears of many through the appreciation of music and worldly sounds reinvented.
Without your help SoundFjord would continue to be and so to would its events and activities, however they would be on a smaller scale, less extensive and demanding and extensive in their reach. Help SoundFjord build a world of art through sound and music. You can help with your own bricks and mortar: spreading the word and donating either time or money to us!
With Gratitude
With your help we will succeed in curating an unmissable event teeming with life: performances, interactive installations, films to watch, audio works to listen to as well as interesting individuals to meet with and speak with. And with your support we are very grateful. Thank you for believing in our campaign!
In reciprocation we offer small rewards in the form of mentions in marketing materials, tickets to future SoundFjord events, and for those able to reach into the deeper recesses of your pockets, the one off perk of receiving a visual score for your own private collection - or equally, for you to perform! Whatever you can afford we offer your our sincere handshake.
Hearing Is Believing!
To see what we get up to for yourselves, why not experience our 'Re/Flux' programme, soon to be exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (16th July 2011), or participate in our 'Listen Up' events in association with World Listening Day (17th July), or just drop by our first birthday extravaganza to be held at the gallery on 31st July 2011. Our latest exhibition 'birdbrain' opens on 18th June 2011 - all our exhibitions are free and open to all, and it'd be great to see new faces. Indeed, we are always looking for new 'adventurers in sound' so do come over, we make a mean cuppa!
Further information on SoundFjord and our activities may be found at:  www.soundfjord.org, or for that personal touch, why not email us or drop us a line. Our details can be found at our 'Contact Us' page on our webpage.
A Final Word
Don't forget to tweet and blog about our cause and to visit SoundFjord when you are nearby! Literary "make some noise" about the sound art gallery in the big smoke!


14:46 Time Stood Still: Music/Fundraiser (Japan's Earthquake Relief)

Sat Jul 09, 2011 20:00 - Sun Jul 10, 2011

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

14:46 Time Stood Still
An Extraordinary Music Event and
Fundraiser for Japan's Earthquake Relief.
On 9th July 2011 from 8pm to 2am, Ryoko Akama, Kaffe Matthews, SoundFjord and the Apiary Studios welcome you all to a very special event, a music extravaganza that stretches continents, in the form of live and streamed performances by artists in Tohoku, Japan and London, UK. Scrumptious home-made fare and delicious Japanese beverages will be served throughout the evening.

The event is named 14:46 Time Stood Still, after the local time the earthquake hit Japan. When everything changed.

The '14:46' event will kick of with conversation and live performances from the performers in Tohoku, Japan (via Ustream), a collaborative set with then link Tohoku directly to the UK, and Apiary Studios in East London. The rest of the evening is given over to live London performances and DJ sets, good food and drink. And best of all, whilst listening to extraordinary music, you'll be raising funds for an essential cause.

This evening is the brainchild of Ryoko Akama. UK events have been organised by Ryoko Akama, Kaffe Matthews, Tamer Karaman and SoundFjord; the Japanese events by Yukihiko Yotsukura. Poster design is by Yukihiro. 

8pm to 2am
Apiary Studios
458 hackney Road 
London E2 9EG 
£6 suggested donation

All funds raised will assist Japan's earthquake relief who deal closely with issues in Japan including:
Fumbaro Japan: www.fumbaro.org 
Greenpeace Japan: www.greenpeace.org/japan/ja 
[United Kingdom]
Clive Bell
Clive is a British Shakuhachi player who studied with the renown Shakuhachi player Kohachiro Miyata, one of today's greatest Japanese Shakuhachi masters. He regularly gives concerts and lecture demonstrations on Japanese music both as a soloist and as a duet with Rié Yanagasawa, who plays the koto, the shamisen, and sings. Bell is also a respected multi-instrumentalist, playing the khene, a large Thai bamboo mouth organ, and flutes from Bali, China, Thailand, and European, as well as the crumhorn and the accordion. He is a member of different groups, such as Kahondo Style and British SummerTime Ends and performs as a duo with guitarist Peter Cusack and Rié Yanagisawa. He also works with dance and theater groups and is a skilled improviser. ~ Bruno Deschênes 
Web: www.clivebell.co.uk 
Myspace: www.myspace.com/clivebellmusic 
presents 'Kekkon (A Fist and an Outstretched Palm)'
Loup (Dale Berning) is a French/South African artist and musician based in London. Since 2003, she has performed and exhibited in the UK, France, Germany, the US, Israel and Japan. She collaborate regularly with Hiraki Sawa, and has performed with artists including Tenniscoats, Umeda Tetsuya, John Chantler, Ute Kanngiesser, Nishikawa Bunsho, and Uchihashi Kazuhisa. She is represented by Take Ninagawa, Tokyo, and has releases on flaü records and Bo'Weavil Recordings.
Web: www.daleisloup.com 
Myspace: www.myspace.com/daleisloup 
Leafcutter John
John Burton has graced the planet with his remarkable contributions to electronic, folk and experimental music. Currently, John is working on a dance piece for the Brighton Festival and a graphic score piece to be performed by the London Sinfonietta. As well as making material for a sixth studio album. This year he will travel to Lithuania and Switzerland to make work. He is currently developing interactive electronic music instruments for use in performances which combine traditional instruments with varied and unexpected electronic twists.
Web: www.leafcutterjohn.com 
Youtube: www.youtube.com/leafcutter
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/leafcutterjohn 
Myspace: www.myspace.com/leafcutterjohn 
Ryoko Akama 
presents 'fold from 0' with Coupie/Jai in Tohoku, Japan (via Ustream)
Ryoko is a digital/acoustic music producer, video maker and singer. For 14:46, Ryoko will be performing work that utilises her memory and personal experiences of 3.11. The work features an audio performance and video projection with audience interactivity. The video component includes imagery from the process of creating origami and emotive clips from the reality of Japan's disaster - numerous buried coffins (typically, they are cremated in Japan), as well as scenes from her own home. 
Web: www10.plala.or.jp/ryokoakama
Myspace: www.myspace.com/ryokoakama
Blog: www.akamaryoko.wordpress.com 
Serafina Steer
Serafina, or Sefa, Steer was born in London. She has released two albums on Static Caravan; ‘Cheap Demo Bad Science’ (2006) and ‘change is good change is good’ (2010) and an EP ‘Public Spirited’ was made for a tour in Japan (2008) supporting Tara Jane O’Neil (ex Jackie O’Motherfucker). Mike Lindsey (tunng), Capitol K and Benge (aka ‘the synth king’) have, between them co-produced all of her releases to date. A new EP of harp songs was recorded in a day by Paul Jones and will appear on Stolen Recordings later this year. As well as harp, Serafina plays keyboards, synths and bass.
Web: www.serafinasteer.com
Myspace: www.myspace.com/drumstreetsefa 
Coupie is a group composed of Yukki from Ishinomaki and Cobi from Sendai in Tohoku, Japan. Their music portrays the unique "atmosphere" of Tohoku district, evocating the tranquility of the countryside. They create their own pieces, selecting themes from the unfamiliar histories and culture of Tohoku district and Miyagi prefecture.
Web: www.ryoondo-tea.jp/artist/coupie_e.html 
Jai is named after "Jaiken calculation", Reverse-Simulation Music by Masahiro Miwa. It was used in Miwa's compositions. He uses Max/MSP and is a CCMC2009 prize winner.
Web: www.astrolabel.net/wp 
Is home to tranquil music, home-made fare and Japanese bar! 
Enjoy a cool drink with DJs: 
Capital K
Kristian Craig Robinson aka 'Capitol K' first emerged a decade ago at the forefront of the burgeoning electronic scene, releasing two groundbreaking electronic albums on Planet Mu, “Sounds Of The Empire” (1999) and “Island Row” (2000). His experiments with Lo-if Guitar Noise, Collage & found sound merged with strong Melodies and Falsetto Vocals lead to to the pioneering what the critics later called "Folktronica".
Web: www.capitolk.com/index.asp
Shintaro Taketani 
Shintaro Takenashi is a Japanese DJ/musician based in London.
Web: www.myspace.com/shintarotaketani
Justine Cal
Further info: info[@]SoundFjord.org.ukwww.SoundFjord.org


Talk: Ian Rawes (British Library Sound Archive/London Sound Survey)

Sun Jun 12, 2011 18:30 - Sun Jun 12, 2011

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Ian Rawes (British Library and London Sound Survey)

SUNDAY 12 June 2011
7-9pm (Doors: 6:40pm)
£2 ticket | wegottickets.com/event/117701
Hlysnan is SoundFjord’s monthly listening event, exploring the world of sound is all its facets, guises and surprises!
event will be an evening filled with films, visuals and sounds selected
by Ian Rawes of the British Library Sound Archive and founder of The
London Sound Survey. Ian is a fabulous speaker and we are delighted that
he will present and AV presentation filled with past sounds with their
present counterparts, incorporating old maps and photographs to set the
Ian is an authority on the vernacular of sound. He works
for the sound department at the British Library and has set up the
London Sound Survey to collect "the sounds of everyday public life
throughout London" and to compile "past accounts to show how our sound
environment has changed". This breadth of aural/oral, visual and
literary information in an archival format is quite astonishing, yet
simply a hobby to him.
This event is a must see and listen!

Click here for further information on the London Sound Survey.


Glacier Residency: Michael J Schumacher Performs | 21 & 22 May 2011

Sat May 21, 2011 19:40 - Sun May 22, 2011

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

SoundFjord | Glacier Residency - Michael J Schumacher Performs | 21 & 22 May 2011
For those of you in or visiting London this weekend...
We are extremely honoured to have not only an accomplished composer and respected performer and installation artists in our midst, but also the founder of Diapason, NYCs sound art space! Michael J Schumacher will be gracing our four walls by presenting an unusually intimate performance on 21st and 22nd May. href="http://www.michaeljschumacher.com">michaeljschumacher.com  
Since 1996, Schumacher has pioneered, first at his downtown gallery Studio Five Beekman and, since 2000, at Diapason Gallery located in midtown, sound art in New York City, by giving over 150 artists the opportunity to present, in environments with high quality multi-channel sound systems and free of outside noise, cutting edge installations with sound as their focus. He has produced premieres by David Behrman, David First, Tetsu Inoue, Ron Kuivila, Steve Roden, Marina Rosenfeld and Stephen Vitiello, to name a few. href="http://www.diapasongallery.org">diapasongallery.org  
Michael will be with us a mere two days, however he will perform Glacier, a 79-minute surround-sound composition using field recordings made during a stay in Nederland, Colorado, near Glacier Lake.
Additional sounds on the work include Anthony Burr's clarinet, Michael Moser on cello, Shelley Burgon on harp, Jane Rigler on flute and Michael playing synths, piano and guitar. The piece was originally conceived as a generative installation. Part of the piece was used as music to Fred Worden's film Possessed, which premiered at the New York Film Festival in 2010.
Tickets are available here for 7GBP:
http://www.wegottickets.com/event/117653 (21st)
http://www.wegottickets.com/event/117654 (22nd)
They will be available online until Saturday am and Sunday am respectively.
Tickets will be available at the door.
Unit 3b - Studio 28
28 Lawrence Road
London N15 4ER
Time: 8-late (Doors from 7:40pm)
Refreshment will be available
Further information on our events may be found on our mailing list: http://bit.ly/lzvJor and our website: soundfjord.org  
We hope to see you at this highly anticipated, unusual UK performance from Michael, and hope you'll share a few drinks with us too!
The SoundFjord Team
In collaboration with entracte.co.uk


Drone Room | Tim Yates

Mon Mar 07, 2011 12:00 - Sat Mar 12, 2011

Tottenham, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Drone Room | Tim Yates
Date: 07-12 March 2011 | noon-6pm
After Show Celebration: 12 March | 7-9pm | RSVP
Drone Room is the resonating chamber of an interactive musical instrument in which both the perfomer and audience are in the belly of the instrument they’re hearing. To become the performer, an audience member simply steps up and takes control of the interface.
Exploring ideas of change and control, Drone Room subverts traditional synthesiser design by allowing the player real-time access to elements that are normally fixed and hidden in the depths of traditional synthesisers. Giving access to the underlying wave shapes from which the sound is constructed, attention is drawn to the subtleties of timbre in time and space that often get lost amongst the higher levels of musical form and structure. Small changes to the shape of a sound wave can result in dramatic changes to the character and experience of that sound both as a direct consequence of the change and as a result of the complex interactions that happen when different sounds interact in space.

The listener/performer is encouraged to explore these changes in the character and experience of sound spatially, temporally and through direct interaction with the abstractions we use to describe the fundamental attributes of sound in the digital world.
Also last week of Lost Sounds by Miki Yui and Rolf Julius at SoundFjord (2-5 March). 

www.soundfjord.org | Facebook page
SoundFjord | the UK's only sound art devoted gallery and research unit
Unit 3b - Studio 28 | 28 Lawrence Road | London | N15 4ER