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Snapped Magazine seeks photographic submissions for Issue 03: Entertainment

Fri Sep 19, 2008 00:00

Theme: Entertainment. Something that amuses pleases, or diverts.

Deadline for magazine submissions: 19 September 2008, 13h00

Please visit http://www.snapped.co.za/submissions for more info.

Lutete Kitoko (wrestling persona: Musada), Pieter Hugo

Snapped showcases thoughtfully selected photography from the African continent. Each themed issue includes news essays, portfolios, an in-depth interview, profiles, listings and technology reviews.


ITCH online journal seeks Writing, Visual Art, Multimedia

Sun Sep 07, 2008 00:00

Submissions are currently open for the next issue of ITCH Online, themed * (asterisk). What does this mean? You tell us. Creative expressions in the form of writing, visual art or multimedia (audio or visual) are invited until September 7, 2008.

Please visit http://www.itch.co.za/submissions for details.

Itch is a South African born, internationally relevant periodical featuring established and rising literary and visual talent.


ICEBOX 02 Cape Town, February 28 - March 10 (week 1)

This week's events at ICEBOX in Cape Town. www.liquidfridge.co.za has
the rest of the line-up, which I'll post next week.

See you there,
Hein Bekker


ICEBOX 02 Cape Town

Date: February 28 - March 10, 2007
Venue: Various
Web: www.liquidfridge.co.za

Liquid Fridge presents a festival of contemporary creativity in
audio/visual art. With the focus on the electronic, open and South
African, ICEBOX combines music, film, video and interactive media
through a programme of screenings, performances, club nights, workshops
and an exhibition.

ICEBOX 02 Cape Town features music-makers, free thinkers and electronic
tinkerers Bernhard Loibner (Austria), Brendon Bussy, Com.it, CY Cowboys,
Garth Erasmus, Heather Ford (Johannesburg), Dean Henning (Durban),
Julian Jonker, Rebecca Kahn (Johannesburg), Microstripe, MTKidu
(Johannesburg), Radioboy, Story Boy, and many other proponents of
eclectic sounds and plush pixels.

Supported by the Austrian Consulate Cape Town, CAPE Africa Platform,
iCommons and netbek. Press support by BRAND, Enjin and one small seed,
and online by Kak Duidelik and Swikiri. With thanks to alt film,
Bell-Roberts, INTERFACE, Magmart, MTKidu and rustpunk.

Visit www.liquidfridge.co.za to learn more.

ICEBOX 02 Screening

Venue: Labia on Kloof, Lifestyle on Kloof, 50 Kloof Street, Cape Town
Date: Wednesday, February 28 at 8.30pm
Cost: R25

An evening of innovative short-form narratives, documentaries, music
videos and animations by over 20 independent creators from South Africa
and abroad.

Featuring both award-winning and rarely seen work, the line-up includes
Ana Alvarez-Errecalde (ES), The Blackheart Gang (SA), Jaco Brouwer (SA),
Tessa Comrie (SA), Fopspeen (SA), Goldfish/Iaminawe (SA), Kidult (SA),
Dmitry Kmelnitsky (US), Lark/Ontwerp (SA), Chris Moore (SA), Giorgio
Partesana (IT), Andrew Schnetler (SA), Mike Scott (SA), Daniel van der
Merwe (SA), Lisa Vinebaum (CA), Tina Willgren (SE) and Dale Yudelman
(SA), as well as Microcinema International's "Independent Exposure"
series and the Magmart video art festival (IT).

ICEBOX 02 Exhibition

Venue: Bell-Roberts CUBE Gallery, 89 Bree Street, Cape Town
Date: Opens Thursday, March 1 at 6pm. Closes March 10

Eerie soundscapes and abstract electronica are entwined with
computer-generated imagery and appropriated digital video in brief,
meditative journeys and waltzes of fusion and fission. Sound painters,
picture mixers and media hackers aim to challenge the viewer's
preconceived notions and question the status quo, yet at times to simply
entertain the talented listener.

The line-up includes work from Kisito Assangni (TG), D-Fuse (UK), The
Dualist (SA), Fabian Giles (MX), Josh Goldman (US), Henry Gwiazda (US),
Corlia Harmsen (SA), Hanna Husberg (FR), Jose Insua (US), Jun'ichiro
Ishii (FR), Dmitry Kmelnitsky (US), Argyro Koutsibela (GR), Bernhard
Loibner (AT), Jenni Meredith (UK), Vesna Milicevic (CS), Giorgio
Partesana (IT), Carol Pereira (US), John Vega (US), Hagen Wiel (DE) and
Dale Yudelman (SA).

The exhibition also features "A Light Distraction." Sonic engineer
Martin Sims and electro-acoustic artist Brendon Bussy have collaborated
in creating a light centred installation. Technologies normally used to
measure and show change in the level of sound energy have been re-wired.
Now the viewer can control input - in fact create change, leaving as a
measure of their interaction, light.

ICEBOX 02 Workshop and Performance

Venue: CAPE Africa Platform, 71 Buitengracht Street, Cape Town
Date: Saturday, March 3 at 1pm
Cost: Donation

An afternoon of presentations on appropriation art, music mash-ups,
circuit bending for sound, intellectual property rights and how digital
artists can both protect and share their work for collaboration. The
workshop also features a live audio/visual performance by MTKidu.
Creative Commons-licensed videos will be available for free, legal
download onto USB flash drive.

"How to stop worrying about the big C and learn to love CC: An Artists'
Guide to IP" presented by Heather Ford (executive director) and Rebecca
Kahn (writing and research fellow) from iCommons, Johannesburg.

What is copyright? How does it affect my art and creativity? Is there
such a thing as "legal remixing" and how do artists still make a buck
while giving their stuff away for free?

The Creative Commons South Africa team explain how copyright affects
artists and creators, the common pitfalls, and the practical steps you
can take to make sure you are in control of your creativity. They also
introduce participants to Creative Commons raw materials that are freely
available to legally remix and share, and show video work by artists
from South Africa and abroad, who are using copyright to spur global
collaborations, broaden their communities and kick-start their careers.

"Song of Solomon" presented by writer, sound artist and cultural
producer Julian Jonker.

"Song of Solomon," devised by Julian Jonker and technologist Ralph
Borland, is an algorithmic audio collage using more than 70 performances
and adaptations of Solomon Linda's composition "Mbube," also performed
and adapted as "Wimoweh" and "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." The installation
intends to provoke questions about the archetypal models of creativity
that inform Western intellectual property law; in its implementation at
the Durban Art Gallery in September 2006, the installation arguably
infringed South African copyright law in various ways.

He also discusses the interaction between other forms of appropriation
art and intellectual property law, specifically mash-ups and DJ mixes.

"Basic Circuit Bending" presented by electro-acoustic artist Dean
Henning from rustpunk, Durban.

Bleeps and sweeps aplenty as Dean Henning discusses and demonstrates how
simple, low-cost technology (including toys) can be re-purposed for
musical performance.

"Live beat construct and visual manipulation" performance by MTKidu from

The dynamic design and electronic music duo perform live, and afterwards
share experiences in live audio/visual experimentation.

ICEBOX 02 Screening

Venue: Zula Sound Bar, 194 Long Street, Cape Town
Date: Sunday, March 4 at 7pm
Cost: Free

An evening of innovative short-form narratives, documentaries and
animations from Ciro Altabas (ES), Dany Campos (ES), Sally Giles (SA),
Dmitry Kmelnitsky (US), Frederique Zepter (FR), Microcinema
International's "Independent Exposure" series, and the Magmart video art
festival (IT).

The screening is presented in partnership with alt film, a group
established to collect and screen film by creative South Africans, as
well as work that most powerfully incorporates and describes the
inevitable evolution of the medium.

Liquid Fridge :o: Creative Swapmeet
+27 (0)82 508 2922 | hein@liquidfridge.co.za | http://liquidfridge.co.za


Call: ICEBOX 02 Audio/Visual Art Festival, February/March 2007

Mon Oct 09, 2006 14:20

ICEBOX is a collaborative festival of contemporary creativity in
audio/visual art. With the focus on the electronic, open and South
African, the festival combines music, film, video and interactive media
through a programme of screenings, multimedia performances, club nights,
workshops and an online exhibition.

Liquid Fridge, partnered by MTKidu and rustpunk, presents ICEBOX 02 in
February/March 2007 in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, South Africa.
The festival is calling for the participation of established and
emerging South African and international artists and professionals
working in a broad range of disciplines including electronic music,
sound art, digital film, animation, photography, video art, graphic
design, interactive and generative media, Net art, video game art and

Web: www.liquidfridge.co.za/icebox


ICEBOX is open for submissions of short-form narratives, documentaries,
music videos, experimental motion graphics and recorded visual
performances. Visit www.liquidfridge.co.za/?p=icebox_02_screen for
further information and the entry form.

Online Exhibition

Interactive media, generative art, Net art and other forms using
Director, Flash or Java software, as well as digital photography,
illustration and graphic design work, may be entered for the online
exhibition and a live presentation at ICEBOX. Visit
www.liquidfridge.co.za/?p=icebox_02_web for further information and the
entry form.

Club Nights

The ICEBOX sound system promises a selection of DJ'd and live
retro-tech-future-funk rather difficult to define. Overlay a hearty
serving of videoboxing and performing pixels, and you have an eclectic
evening where the notions of "underground" and "overground" are
irrelevant. We are looking for DJ sets, band and electroacoustic
performances, VJ/video performances, and various styles in between.
Visit www.liquidfridge.co.za/?p=icebox_02_events to learn more.


To facilitate exchange between the traditional creative practices and
electronic subcultures, ICEBOX invites presentations, performances,
demonstrations, discussion panels and hands-on experiments in all
disciplines. Visit www.liquidfridge.co.za/?p=icebox_02_events to learn more.

Liquid Fridge :o: Creative Swapmeet
+27 (0)82 508 2922 | hein@liquidfridge.co.za | http://liquidfridge.co.za


UPLOAD 09, Thursday 3 August '06, Cape Town

Creative Collisions

Date: Thursday 3 August 2006
Time: 6.30 for 7-10pm
Venue: CAPE Africa Platform, 71 Buitengracht Street, Cape Town
Cost: Free, though a donation is appreciated
Web: www.liquidfridge.co.za

Liquid Fridge presents a workshop on mash-ups of art forms with each
other and technology, with presenters Ralph Borland, Blaise Janichon,
Martin Sims and Julian Jonker.

Presentations cover socially activating projects at the intersection of
art and design, graffiti and street art culture, the re-purposing of
audiovisual electronics, appropriationist sound and cut & paste DJ
mash-ups that go militant. Participants can make graffiti stencils and
LED throwies (electronic graffiti).

Learn more at www.liquidfridge.co.za/upload

LIQUID FRIDGE :o: Creative Swapmeet
(w) http://liquidfridge.co.za (w) http://liquidfridge.co.za/feed
(e) hein@liquidfridge.co.za (m) +27 (0)82 508 2922