Heather Lawless
Since 2009
Works in United States of America

Heather Lawless was born in Oceanside, New York and grew up in the rural town of Antrim, New Hampshire. At Wheaton College in Massachusetts, Heather majored in Studio Art with a concentration in painting, but at the time, planned her profession as a medical doctor and completed the studies of a Pre-Health student. While an undergrad, she worked with a research team from Providence with support from the National Institutes of Health to study the effects of the Internet on the doctor-patient relationship. Upon graduation from Wheaton College in 2005, Heather became manager of the Sharon Arts Center Fine Craft Gallery in Peterborough, New Hampshire. She worked for two years in the gallery and teaching at the Sharon Arts Center School of Arts and Crafts before pursuing her MFA in Interdisciplinary Studio Art at the Maine College of Art, and graduated in May 2009. It was during this program that Heather fused her love of visual art with medical science, and now works to open dialogues within science museums to address the past, present and future concerns of human evolution as well as the controversies surrounding our new abilities to genetically alter our bodies.