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net.art done with local communities?

I am asking for help to locate artists or artsworkers who have collaborated
on work which is:
* Community-based (developed with local community participants)
* Involving professional artists
* Internet based; Net Art
* Online; Interactive or Collaborative/participatory for online viewers
If anyone has a link or name, or project title they may have heard of at
some point, I would be appreciative.

I am hoping to conduct email interviews with such arts practitioners during
the first two weeks of June asking about the nature of Net Art in community

I am conducting this research on behalf of The Arts Council of Northern
Ireland and my organisation: Kids' Own Publishing Partnership. The
research will be presented to ACNI to help them in formulating a plan to
promote community arts work that at maximises the use of the internet as a
medium and tool for creative expression.
Kids' Own Publishing Partnership works on publishing projects with children
and community groups; promoting literacy and participation in the arts. Our
most recently finished project, Multimedia Maps- which involved
professional artists, children and teachers- is showing at IMMA, (Irish
Museum of Modern Art) until 20 July 2003 http://kidsown.ie/

Thank you for any advice or leads you can offer.

Reply to me directly or send an email to: netartlinks@kidsown.ie



I am aware of...
http://www.communityarts.net/ (articles)
http://www.storycenter.org/ (specialist org; examples of narrative projects)
http://designforcommunity.com/ (articles)
http://www.feralarts.com.au/ (specialist org)
http://www.mirrorproject.com/ (example of photo project)
http://www.fray.com/ (examples of narrative projects)


Re: Fwd: The Art Critic

that is apparently another version of the work of this mad man:


you can see the 'i am better than your kids' art critiques mirrored here:




At 13:22 21/10/02 -0700, c i r r r s a wrote:

>>Subject: Fwd: The Art Critic
>>I am better than your kids.
>>If you work in an office with lots of people, chances are that you work
>>with a person who hangs pictures up that their kids have drawn. The
>>pictures are always of some stupid flower or a tree with wheels. These
>>pictures suck; I could draw pictures much better. In fact, I can spell,
>>do math and run faster than your kids. So being that my skills are
>>obviously superior to those of children, I've taken the liberty to judge
>>art work done by other kids on the internet. I'll be assigning a grade A
>>through F for each piece:
>+ perplex propaganda subtile invasion ???
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Artists in Ireland?

I am working on an independent resources website for artists in Ireland,
working with one other artist at this time...

We are looking for other artists working anywhere in Ireland to give
feedback on the concept of the site, which is early development stage. Is a
space like this feasible in Ireland? Possible? Is the so-called
'digital-divide' too wide? Is it useful? What features are important?

An independent site to offer resources and information by artists in
Ireland and for artists in Ireland as a way of networking and sharing
information with other artists.

:Planned Features:
Visitors can leave comments to stories, ask questions in forum.
In addition to those features, Registered Users can also submit stories,
reviews, event information, build a personal profile, upload images.

Built on Drupal open-source, open-community software, http://drupal.org
with same basis as http://kuro5hin.org and http://plastic.com where users
control the content.

Planning to start inviting a few artists to participate in light use of the
site, generate feedback on site goals now.
If all goes well, and other artists feel the need for this, by end of
November, we'll find a real home for the site, and start getting the word out.

Please write to me, Heather, here: write@nearlythere.com

View a DEMO, skeleton, version of site to get your brain juices flowing...
(while you can register, some features of the site are not working.)


Biennale Internazionale dell'arte Contemporanea?

has anyone ever heard of this exhibition? a friend of mine asks:

"I received an invitation today to participate in the Biennale
Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea to be held in Florence at the end of
2003, on the basis of paintings on my website. I had not heard of this
Exhibition before, and as it is expensive to register, I would be grateful
if you can tell me : Is it a recognized reputable Organization ? "

any insight into Biennale Internazionale dell'arte Contemporanea appreciated!



Re: how this poem is cool or something (Deep Fried Crime)

> i think that poetry is amazing. it can be naff, cheesy and profound all at once. this is such a case.

i was struck by certain images, and though the tone was repetitive, down-beat, and droning, the images pierced through those greasy lines.

references to eliot, poe emerson aside... if it was better crafted, i'd say it'd be more like a frost ballad.