Hanne Mugaas
Since 2006
Works in Oslo Norway

Hanne Mugaas is an independent curator based in New York. She has curated exhibitions and screenings in Berlin, Stockholm, Tokyo and Paris. Recent projects include "Take it to the Net" for Vilma Gold in London, "Techniques of Today" for MIACA in Yokohama and "The Copy and Paste Show" for Rhizome.org. Mugaas is also a research assistant to Associate Curator Barbara London at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

Popol Vuh

Improvisation (1971)

d, durational part of the theme, here is a modular improvisation by Florian Fricke and Holger Trulzsch, pioneers of electronic music as Popol Vuh, from 1971.


Internet Town Hall Meeting this Sunday

What are you doing this Sunday the 17th at 8:00 P.M. EST? Oh ya, that’s right, you’ve got an important online chat to attend!! So mark your calendars and stay home, y’all… to join the party on Sunday, just get on AIM and instant message “TheNastyNets”

all invited, hot nerds prefered, c u there…



that's right, my collection of 14 distinct midi versions of "Wipeout" (but who did the original version anyway?)..... (i suggest playing with the pause button and clicking around in the timeline, quicktime goes nuts, its awesome)


woof woof

Travis Hallenbeck's livejournal: one of my all time favorite websites of all time ever!!!!


The Bruce Springsteen Born to Run Glockenspiel Addendum (mp3s)

I have recently completed a new composition titled The Bruce Springsteen "Born to Run" Glockenspiel Addendum. For those not in the know, Bruce's Born to Run record is littered with glockenspiel. For example, the famous melody from the song Born to Run is actually a guitar DOUBLED by a glockenspiel. Yes, I know what you are thinking,...awesome, awesome, & awesome. The Born to Run record itself contains 3 songs that feature the glockenspiel, ... For this project, I decided to create an addendum to the original and compose, play, and record glockenspiel parts for the songs on Born to Run that do not already feature the instrument (Tenth Avenue Freeze Out, Backstreets, She's the One, Meeting Across the River and Jungleland).