Gulsen Bal
Since 2005
Works in Vienna Austria

She was born in Izmir, Turkey and lives in London. In 1997 she graduated from London Guildhall University in the field of time based media.

Gulsen Bal, studied MA degree in Critical Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art&Design where she is currently taking a research degree. Her practice/research has been initiated by analysis of the debates relating to the issues of the discursive space that was opened by referring to the parameters of the formation of subjectivity. This is structured by a fundamental split operating in the entry of the subject into the realm of representation through questioning multiplicity of psychical and social locations. In examining these concerns, she situates them through a critical debate to examine the merging of the concepts still further. Her practice/research hence has focused upon exploring the notions of the ‘difference of identity’ and ‘difference’, process of actualization, spatio-temporal dynamisms, simulacrum and spectacle realized through particularly digital multimedia installation art practice.

She has exhibited, curated, published articles and participated in talks in various places and venues in the U.K. as well as in Europe and Turkey.