guez david
Since 2009
Works in Paris France


Since 1994, David Guez created art work related to new media and digital forms ( performances, installations, internet ); All his projects are driven by two main notions : "link" (social link, link between internet and ways of making art...) and "public" (an art accessible to all, questionning public liberties...)

These two approaches enabled him to create « objects » and « matrixes» that question contemporary subjects and their application or their link with the web.
He deals with topics as varied as free media, psychoanalysis, time, collective uses of the internet, identity problems, loss of liberty and questions of filing on the web.

His work is presented in national and international contemporary artistic networks (France, Canada, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands...) and has received a broad press coverage ( New York Times, Libération, Le Monde, Télérama, France Culture, France Inter...) as well as several prices and subventions ( Scam, CNC, DAP ).

Formed in both computer science and plastic arts, he first started to paint and sculpt to progressively go towards digital arts. This is how he proposed in 1995 a work about art and alterity which naturally found the ideal process of relating together diverse contents in the hypertext form.

In 1997, the serie of installations /performances " Série 99\% recycled Internet " questions the links between real and virtual body.

He created the first webtv about contemporary art in 1997 - - and the first portal of free tv in France in 1999 - -

With his projects hypermoi & 2067 email towards the future he enlighted questions related to psychoanalysis & time through the use of digital tools. The project - bewac, canal audio web- permitting to deposit sounds on internet via a mobile phone and -1400cm3 l'hyperblog - a potential rival to myspace were developped based on a reflexion about collaborative media.

- Réseaux ghettos 2012- and - Seconde France - on Second life are projects related to identity and public liberty questions in the cyberspace. As for - DotRed -, presented in centre Pompidou (Paris) in may 2008, it questions mass uses as videogames in order to rethink their use by changing reality through virtuality.

David Guez is firmly convinced that art takes an important place in society, it's possibility of criticizing, proposing new models and aesthetics makes it very vivid.
According to him, digital art has the responsability of offering alternative solutions to the dot net economy or at least show its limits.

The artist is also co-funder of "Internet mon amour" a collective of french actors of the art and new media scene and of "poptronics", a webzine on digital culture.

His last project deals with memory : humanpedia and gene wikipedia from paper hard disk