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Re: Re: fuck Bush

>I just can't
believe that the majority of Americans are this fucking stupid.

I share your anger, and the only sense of solace I feel today is from this
list, as I see the rain-soaked pamphlets outside my front door from 2/11,
saying enough is enough, get out and vote. Yes Fuck Bush!, rape and burn
the bastard.
But, the thing is, they are not stupid. Bill Gates supports them, Kelcy
Grammer, my father--he is not father-in-law, phd emeritus
philosopher..he is not stupid. This neo-conservo-biblethumpin-holier than
thou liberal bashing fucking scary evil white people empire thing has been
building for 200 years, and hey everybody, much of this happened on our
watch while we wrote them off as being stupid. Well, I ask myself, who is
the stupid one?
I am also asking myself about my work. Yes, Abe Golam,
"If there was ever a time for a nonstop experimental party, that time is
I am with that. I am also in Ohio. My county, Lorain, went 65% Kerry. The
map of Ohio is a mini map of the country, all the urban areas went strongly
Kerry, of course it is rural American, one by one, the heart of the heart of
the country, that elected Bush, 10 votes here, 200 there...the McDonalds
theory... So far, the art of any merit that has reached these people has
played into their ethical and moral agendas (man it hurts to call ethical),
back to Mapplethorpe, Serrano, Findley....again, those wonderful artists,
heroes, won their battles, but in the end we lost the war, we all know that
in the US arts funding is in the toilet...those battles, like Kerry winning
the debates, were the nails in our coffin...what do we do as artists? If we
continue to inflame, piss them off, shove it in their faces and call them
stupid, which is what I mostly want to do...well, maybe not to keep doing
the same thing expecting a different result....and the domain wars, the
underminers, the tactical media-ists, the effectiveness of rtmark, critical
art ensemble, US Department of Art & Technology, brilliant, effective in so
many important ways, but not going to change the vote of the people that put
this pathological, not stupid, sorry, but pathological, bastard in
office...they could give a fuck about Leonardo, etoys, could
they, they don't even know that while Bush is stroking their bible with one
hand, he has the other so far up their wallets that......
So yes, fuck Bush, and yes, the only solution I can see at this moment is
the nonstop experimental art party, while we still can....
The Ron Suskind post, constructed realities, evil empires, that is something
we know something about, maybe we can fight them there.......the war we are
waging has not worked.

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> If to demonize is to become we would have won.
> I am not suggesting that this means we should follow their lead,
> but seriously - look at how they demonized Kerry's voluntary
> service in Vietnam. The man volunteered to go to hell because he
> felt it was the descent thing to do, and this was turned into a bad thing.
> david goldschmidt>> To demonize the enemy is to become the enemy.
> joy garnett>that's exactly right.
> Jason Van Anden
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