gregorio de luca comandini
Works in Italy

Sonusloci is a project of research and artistic experimentation that explores the relationships and boundaries between space and sound, action and auditory perception, music and aesthetics, with particular attention to the practice and the social role of the sound. The route started by Gregorio de Luca Comandini develops through actions, installations and performances in public spaces, private places abandoned or consumed by the crowds of the city, in order to stop the bubble of perception indifferent to external stimuli and promote interaction between individuals and spaces in which they live, by stimulating greater awareness and enhancing the communicative potential of auditory, social and descriptive of the sound within the context of architectural and urban. Starting from a dynamic approach Sonusloci proposed as an interdisciplinary platform for discussion and research among professionals and artists promoting meetings and activities with the aim of providing tools for analysis, sound design and artistic action within the context of architectural and urban.

Gregorio de Luca Comandini is an architect and a sound artist. After graduating in Architectural Design at the University of Rome with a thesis on the role of the ear in the architectural design titled "Architecture Auditory (Aural Architecture), continued research investigating techniques and technologies in Berlin analog / digital architecture for the sound and the interactive arts / performing. He studied electronic music and sound design by Luca Spagnoletti (the Master of Engineering Sound University of Tor Vergata) and jazz composition and piano with Andrea Alberti (Mediterranean Orchestra).As a music producer has produced soundtracks for several short films and commercials, has organized and worked at numerous festivals and experimental electronic music in Rome (Noveventi, Cutoff, Love Festival, dissonance) and has shared the stage with musicians including Frank Bretschneider , Pierre Bastien, Jacob Ziv, Jason Forrest. He currently lives and works in Rome.