Greg Leuch
Since 2008
Works in Helena, Alabama United States of America

Greg Leuch is a Creative + User Interaction designer, specializing in user interface design, usability, front-end development, and feature research. He has worked on a variety of projects in the past, large and small, with emphasis on web startups and e-commerce. He currently works at Rocketboom in Research & Development.

He is fluent in XHTML/CSS, PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript, and Ruby (& Rails), while currently mastering LOLCode. He has worked with numerous frameworks and programs, including FBML (Facebook), CakePHP, phpSymfony, Ruby on Rails/Merb, jQuery, Prototype, osCommerce, WordPress, and MODx… to name a few. He is also skilled in Git and SVN repository management, and has contributed to and built numerous applications and plugins for the open-source community.

Greg is also member of AIGA, Rhizome,, Free Art and Technology (F.A.T.), and ARTKAMP. He enjoys contemporary art, new media art, and new genre public art, in addition to backpacking, kayaking, and philosophy.