Graeme Thomson
Since 2008
Works in United States of America

Having failed in his original aim of doing as little as possible, Graeme Thomson now tries to do as much as impossible.

As co-founder with Silvia Maglioni of the interdisciplinary arts platform TERMINAL BEACH - a zone of indeterminacy, assemblage, deterritorialization, discovery, vertigo and dérive operating across various media - he has made numerous video and sound installations involving the détournement/virtualization of various literary and philosophical texts and assorted culture industry artifacts as well as composing music for film and performance. He also regularly presents an experimental music show - also called Terminal Beach) clinging obstinately to the belief that radio, like Faustroll's bicycle, is a technology of the future, giving rise to art radio projects for Radio Rietveld, Resonance FM and Radio Libertaire.
More recently he has co-directed a short film/cinétract, Wolkengestalt, on Goethe, meteorology and September 11, which has been shown in various contexts from gallery spaces to film festivals and is currently working on two new films, Les Facs of Life, which mixes techniques of documentary, film essay and video art to interrogate the biopolitical aftermath of Gilles Deleuze's lessons at the University of Vincennes and La Nuit de la Peinture, a video poem on an an artist and his studio suspended between past and future ruins. Recent installation/performance work includes La Fabrique du bois and The Ballad of Désastronaute #1 (live navigation for modified Google Earth display, sound-mix and voice)and L'inarchivé (photo-sound installation).

He is currently resident in visual arts at Mains d'oeuvres, Paris ( and is additionally dispersed across the following websites.

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