Glenn Weyant
Since 2009
Works in Tucson, Arizona United States of America

Glenn Weyant is a sound-sculptor-journalist- educator- baker- instrument inventor- welder based in Tucson, Arizona.

Since 2006 he has been transforming the US/Mexico border walls and infrastructure into a sprawling multi-million dollar instrument, in an on going work known as The Anta Project (more details at ).

The Anta Project is a series of recordings that were blended in a multi-track laptop environment to create a single sonic collage of the U.S./Mexico border near Nogales, Arizona.

By turning the three-mile long Nogales steel wall that separates the U.S. from Mexico into a sprawling electro-acoustic instrument, my goal was to deconstruct its purpose and sonically prod the listener into a line of inquiry:

What is it I am hearing?
Why do these things exist?
Who is kept in and who is kept out?

Instead of being an implement of division, the border walls becomes an instrument of creation with the power to unite.

The Anta Project has been installed as an immersive sound environment in Knoxville, TN and presented at academic conferences.

While some copies have been sold to help fund the site, more than 1,000 discs have been given away and the full work is available as a download at no charge.

To date listeners from over 100 countries (roughly 300-400 per day) visit the site for sounds, images and narrative about this and other projects.

The Anta Project narrative has been translated into more than five languages via traditional and new media.