Gio' Myart
Since 2005
Works in Naples Italy

Internet me from the possibility to spread my personal way to feel my emotions, my language is made of images that give strong feelings, I am a transgressive artist that doesn't put limit to his/her own creativeness. I think that through the art an union of intents can be found that gives the possibility to freely communicate his/her own feelings to everybody. Today the artist has to observe and to reflect on important and revolutionary changes, the new technologies, particularly the computer and Internet, but also the new dimension that today you/he/she has the human person and the nature that you/he/she surrounds us. I contest the way according to which the society tries to accept all (ghettoizing them) instead of integrating and to interact with the ethnic, social and cultural minorities. I believe in a mixture of the knowledgei, that you/they absolutely have to be takings in consideration, because our future will be pervaded more and more by people of cultures and different identity that will enter to belong to our society with roles more and more affirmed. Mine is a continuous search in offering the possibility to everybody to be itself same, not fearing comparisons of race or sex, it makes me feel promoting of new realities and new needs, that use through my art using her/it as I orchestrate, therefore not art for elegant art to itself same, but as possible enrichment of ideas and individual and collective creativeness.