Gina Clark
Since 2009
Works in San Francisco, United States of America

Most recently spent the last 2 years living in a tent with her boyfriend and five dogs. Gina Clark was born and raised in Southern California and Nevada. Over the past decade she has worked across a variety of media including performance, video, film, photography, installation, and curating.
Within these practices, the young desert-based CalArts graduate has supported the preservation of the meditative and exploratory arts; always mindful of the fact that we are living in an age dominated by Domesticity & Artifice. She is now Co-Creative Director & Curator at the Beaubourg 268. She also enjoys a good bowl of strawberries, and any film by Jiri Menzel.

" it that we all gravitate toward either a Diurnal, or a Nocturnal Regime...the rituals of daily elevation and purification...mainly the time after the fall- and all of its astro-biological dramas...or we can just play baseball with some tomatoes- we would get the same result! "
Interview with Gina Clark by Maxi Kim
Cheat Sheet Records.